The Eternal Flame

EverQuest: The Second Era

Hefe, Aiwendel(Radagast), and Hubert argue over how to pose for the screenshot(Jun. 13, 1999)

An unplanned gathering in Misty Thicket (Jun. 11, 1999)
Jarood(Czar) waves at Wolfrydr.
Damoon(Shadowlord) and his pet draw attention.
Crucival(CT) and Barishi(Faedann) join Jarood and Damoon.
Hefe and Aiwendel join the group.
Boatride to Faydwer at sunset. (June 3, 1999)

Burning Heart Swimming event (Jun. 1, 1999) : On this day, Hugh Wolfrydr of the Burning Heart organized a swimming event in which all those attending could improve their swimming skills. The event took place on the docks of Freeport.
The group gathers at the dock for the event.
A less than preferred view of Barsh(an ogre played by Hefe) under water.
Other Burning Heart members.
Arella, Xaria, Megaera, and Wolfrydr(Hugh) on the docks.
Syndie, Malimn and Shay stand toward the back.
Piper(in front of Barsh) casts some spells.
Ready, Set, GO!!!
Barsh gracefully navigates the waters.
Jaearl and Barsh.
A face only a mother could love.
Jaearl, Barsh, and Cernus.
Wolfrydr d'ShayOwen, the organizer of the fantasic event.
After the swim, Aiwendel, Starr, Malimn, Cernus, and Syndie sit with Hubert by the tavern.
In preparation for the trip to Rivervale, all line up to have Spirit of the Wolf and Levitate cast upon them.
All begin to hover.
Quickly arriving in Rivervale, Hubert notices Sinth on the verge of collapsing from Mystiana's potent brew.

Miscellaneous screenshots taken by Hubert:
Jaearl arrives in Rivervale for the first time.(May 30, 1999)
Hubert and Jaearl by the Fools Gold tavern in Rivervale. (May 30, 1999)
Hubert casts spells for the first time as a ranger.(May 27, 1999)
Aiwendel and Hubert meet Xaria, Artur and Cernus of the Burning Heart in Rivervale.(May 24, 1999)