The Eternal Flame

EverQuest: The Third Era

A few more screenshots from Wrathehawk (Nov. 1999)
Wrathehawk witnesses a battle with an ice giant
3 Eternal Flame in full bronze

Hunterwolf stumbles upon a GM event. (Nov. 11, 1999)
Minotaurs 1
Minotaurs 2

Parts of Norrath become more dangerous...
Hunterwolf faces a spectre, and is quickly slain. (Oct. 24, 1999)

Expedition to Halas. A group of Eternal Flame members gathered to meet the applicant Breezius in Qeynos. Breezius then lead us to the snowy city of Halas. (Sept. 11, 1999)
The group arrives in Halas after a relatively short journey through Everfrost
Hubert plays in the snow
A Mammoth calf
Malkarin takes the very unpleasant job of backstabbing a Mammoth(see the M between the legs?).

The Eternal Flame becomes an official guild(Sept. 21, 1999)
Hubert and Hunterwolf, the first members of the in game guild
Hunterwolf dons his new guild tag

The following night, Aiwendel, Hubert and Arden(of the Burning Heart) adventured into the dungeon Befallen. (Sept. 22, 1999)
Aiwendel waits for Hubert and Arden in the East Commonlands
The group gathers in the East Commonlands to head to Befallen
Encounter with an ogre Shadowknight
The Shadowknight concetrates on weakening Arden
But it is unable to defeat the trio

The Celebration in Rivervale. A Celebration was held in Rivervale for the guild's becoming official. Although only EF members attended, it was a fun event (Sept. 25, 1999)
Breezius and Hubert fish while Aiwendel waits for latecomers
Not too many people show but Actarus eventually arrives followed by his brother Ogion. Soon Minty would join the group as well. However, Hunterwolf had to leave early.
The guild poses for a screenshot