The Eternal Flame

EverQuest: The Fourth Era

Miscellaneous(Feb. 2000-Apr. 2000)
Squarsh meets Balthor, the new member of EF in Norrath just outside of Kaladim(Screenshot by Balthor).
Big goblin or Small Wrathehawk.. You make the call.
Wrathehawk wrecklessly attacks a werewolf(02-13-2000)
Gorbagh's annual bath
Warox and Janila as new members of the Eternal Flame
Vladi's corpse on display at the orc camp
One of the first Eternal Flame kills in Norrath with Warox and Ogion(April 2000)
Another of the first Eternal Flame kills in Norrath with Blayda, Warox and Janila(April 2000)

Arena Rumble(Jan. 29, 2000) : A tournament was held in the Arena of Lake Rathe. It began with 16 contestants. In the end, one would become the champion.
Before the event, Wyndforge paints us a guild picture(See front album page for link to this painting).
After Hubert's defeat to Hefe, Actarus confronts Bazalad
Landing several heavy hits, Bazalad nearly defeats Actarus. However, after using Lay Hands, Actarus' health was restored and Bazalad was defeated.
Ogion confronts Mellifleur
Although Mellifleur is nervous, he is able to defeat Ogion.
Ogion is a corpse before he hits the ground.
Actarus cries over his brothers corpse.
Actarus attempts to avenge his brothers death
But is defeated by Mellifleur as well.
Our friend Lady Shayye sits with Shadowulf, a powerful necromancer who would soon prove his powers.
Panticles turns herself into a werewolf.
Outside looking into the Arena. The sign says it all.
Ogion, standing in for one who had to leave early, defeats Ayrieal.
Actarus, also standing in for someone who had to leave, confronts Shadowulf
Shadowulf bows to Actarus before the battle.
The brilliant lights of Shadowulf's magic are signs of Actarus' defeat.
The victor, Shadowulf, bows honorably.
Shayye casts a spell
Ayrieal who had not been bound in the Arena finally returns after her previous death to Ogion.
Ogion confronts Shadowulf for the final battle of the tournament
Alas, Ogion was no match for Shadowulf's powers
And Ogion once again falls. The winner of the tournament is Shadowulf.
But Zoal has ideas of his own and attacks the necromancer when he wasn't looking

New member ceremony(Jan. 15, 2000) : On this date, the Eternal Flame held their first ceremony for initiating new members into the guild. The event was held in the Temple of Solusek Ro (First 3 screenshots by Wrathehawk. The fourth one was by Bazalad and the last four were by Actarus)
Bazalad and Wrathehawk fight an evil eye on the way to the ceremony.
Eternal Flame members and applicants arrive at the Temple of Solusek Ro
All arrive at the firey platform.
Another view of the scene (screenshot by Bazalad).
Actarus prepares to initiate Balien.
Actarus brings Balien and Morningmyst to the genie at the platform to perform the ceremony.
All watch as the new members state their oath.
Actarus has a little too much to drink in the celebrations after the ceremony.

Miscellaneous(Jan. 2000)
Wrathehawk peeks into Cazic Thule.
Hubert encounters a Centaur.
Bazalad discovers a Unicorn.

Wrathehawk encounters a sand giant (Jan. 2000)
Hmm. Looks like a good time for a screenshot
Wrathehawk:'Word to the wise. Never take a screen shot of a sand giant chasing ya. You will lag and he will catch up.'