The Eternal Flame

EverQuest: The Fifth Era

This was the day of the GM's and Guides in Rivervale. It took me nearly 30 min to get from here to the Druid's guild hall because there were over 300 players there creating great lag.(June 25, 2000 by Wrathehawk).
A paladin scouting the area before battle.(July 4, 2000 by Wrathehawk).
Apparently some archer must have been angry at this asp(July 6, 2000 by Zathros).
The Lake of Ill Omen group cheers at the return of Wrathehawk(August 5, 2000 by Wrathehawk).
Another shot of the Ill Omen group by Deastro(August 2000).
Blayda in Sol B killing fire giants(August 2000)
Wrathehawk and a Giant Greenwood(August 11, 2000)
Ogion and Blayda join many Barbarians and one Ogre from Final Covenant
Ogion joins a gathering of Final Covenant members to celebrate Xaria becoming guild leader.

Eternal Flame raids the Plane of Air with Final Covenant and many other guilds. (September 10, 2000) (screenshots by Blayda) Also Xaria gives her account of the event in this message with further screenshots.
An air pet in the planes
A dwarf who hits for 1080 points per hit. And a thunder spirit princess.

Blayda and Ogion discover an ice dragon (August 8, 2000) (screenshots by Blayda except where otherwise noted).
Uh, oh, I think she sees us
She's coming right at us!!
But she's passing right by us. She has a name too.(screenshot by Ogion)
And there she goes
She even poses with us for a screenshot(screenshot by Ogion)

Eternal Flame meeting (August 6, 2000): The guild gathers for a meeting in Rivervale with festivities afterward(Screenshots by Zathros(Hubert).
The guild meets with new applicant Kropp
After months of speaking through the ether, members finally meet each other.

Blayda confronts Nagafen(August 3, 2000): Blayda joined a group hunting the great dragon Lord Nagafen(Screenshots by Blayda(Bazalad)).
Gathering in the hallway
A peek up the stairs with a view of what was to come
An impressive kill

Another night in Unrest(July 24, 2000): Members of the Eternal Flame join members of the Final Covenant in Unrest.(Screenshots by Bazalad)
The undead that were not looted. Quite a mess.
The guilds join to fight in Unrest.

A night in Unrest(July 8, 2000): The guild meets in Unrest for a hunt of the undead.(Screenshots by Zathros(Hubert))
The group joins in Unrest and is shrunk by Gorbagh's shrink spell.
Here, a normal sized person runs through the group of tiny EFs.
Perhaps the best picture ever taken of Gorbagh.
A small human wizard(or is it a large dwarf paladin?).

The Guardians of Steamfont(June 28, 2000): The Eternal Flame begins a great experiment on the Torvonnilous server. An entire guild of Gnomes called the Guardians of Steamfont. This guild would be travelling with its sister guild Brigadoons Covenant set up by the Final Covenant guild.
Boppin(Hefe), Garlon, Jaearl, Breezius, Shortbert(Hubert), and Mojjo(Vladi, not pictured) defeat a giant rat.
Itybity(Wrathehawk) and Breezius have a rooftop battle
Itybity attacks Breezius
Breezius lunges back at Itybity
Breezius is victorious(don't worry, Itybity is just unconscious..)

Night of the Wolves(June 21, 2000): This night a group of adventurers began by heading to the Oasis of Marr to hunt and ended up fighting as wolves.
Zathros, Falidaar, Vladi and Avisigoth meet to hunt in Oasis
Podo joins the group and turns everyone into wolves. Also Balien joins the pack.
Haffas(left behind the casting wolf-Podo) arrives and is buffed by Podo
The pack heads to the Mountains to hunt
Healing near the ominous spectre tower. No worries, Podo is here.