The Eternal Flame

EverQuest: The Beta

Final moments of the beta(Mar. 12, 1999) : Some screenshots of the last night of the beta in EverQuest taken by Faredor(Hubert):
Ceelorn(Radagast) and Melidi(Starr), defenders of Virtue.
Artur(Greyfox) and his pet.
Artur, Syndie, Faredor, and Drysart(in red) preparing for the end of the world.
The final sunset of the beta.

Battle of the Gods (Mar. 12, 1999) : The final event of the beta was a confrontation of all of the major dieties of the realm. Screenshots by Faredor.
Mithanial Marr appears in Freeport.
Marr towers above all.
The diety appears much smaller in West Freeport for some reason.

After following Mithanial, Faredor lost track of him. Having heard that Mithanial had left for the Commonlands, Faredor headed in that direction. On his way he ran into the great bard Jythri, who wished to join Mithanial so they both went as a group and were later joined by Rozz. Soon the group would discover the true danger of their quest.

Marr lays defeated by Innoruuk.
Innoruuk also defeats the Halfling God as well.

Needless to say, Faredor did not survive this battle either. Not content with only killing Faredor, Innoruuk changed Faredor so that he was vulnerable to those who follow the teachings of the Priest of Discord. He remained in that state until the end of the world.

Syndie and Ardenn join Faredor at a discussion concerning the Heartstone(Mar. 5, 1999).

Jaearl and Zathros(Hubert's ranger) rest in a pub on the docks of Qeynos after a hard days Gnoll-bashing(Mar. 3, 1999).