The Eternal Flame

Ultima Online: The First Era of the Eternal Flame

Visit to the Museum of Memories (Jan. 6, 1999) : Hubert, Reno and Hugh visited the Museum of Memories. Here are some screenshots by Hubert:
In the lobby, Vendors to east, Runes to many locations locked down on floor.
On the second floor, more runes and vendors.
Third floor, more vendors and the display of many powerful weapons.
On the roof, Reno takes a few whacks at the dummy.On the roof, Reno takes a few whacks at the dummy.

Christmas at the Keep (Dec. 25, 1998):
Placing the trees (Screenshot by Guenevere).
Magic practice over the Keep (Screenshot by Guenevere).
An all-names including one of our victims("a corpser's corpse")(Screenshot by JaEarl).

Farmageddon (Thanksgiving 1998) : Origin put up a UO shard called Farmageddon where those who logged in became various barnyard animals as well as turkeys and Pilgrims. A few Eternal Flame members grouped together in Yew to defend the helpless pigs from the evil human slayers. Here are some pictures from that event:
Pigs in the abbey (Screenshot by Guenevere).
Pigs conquer and dominate the Abbey. (Screenshot by Cernus Greyfox).

Moondrake and Breanna's wedding - the first Eternal Flame wedding (Oct. 11, 1998) (Ceremony performed by Retsek) :
Moondrake's vows
Breanna's vows
Those who attended
Malimn the hungry bear seeks honey
The Bride and the Groom