The Eternal Flame

Ultima Online: The Second Era of the Eternal Flame

Thas, thoroughly bored, does something vaguely artistic with his gemstone collection.
Klyant and Sam (Jektal) fish for treasure near Magincia aboard the Golden Anhk II.

Thas reads a book by candle-light (June 29, 1999)
The new colored light, and Thas's somewhat cluttered house.

Order of St. Mark hunt(June 28, 1999): On this day, Jektal, Thascales, Logrumethar, Jaearl, and Hubert joined members of the The Order of St. Mark(OSM) guild on a hunt in the area south of the Keep and into the dungeon Shame. Along for the journey was a dragon named Apocalypse which was quite instrumental in keeping the group alive. At the deeper levels of Shame, however, poison elementals began to overwhelm the group even with the dragon and the group called it a night with very few casualties considering the circumstances. (Screenshots by Hubert)
North of Shame pass fighting a reaper.
Arrived at the ruins south of Shame.
Gathering the forces for the Shame trip.
At the entrance of Shame.
Bringing Reinforcements.
Into the depths.

After the hunt, OSM joined a demonstration for strengthening roleplaying on the Great Lakes server. Hubert and Arden attended.

All gather in Sweet Dreams Inn in Britain.
Even Counselor NIN and Senior Counselor Tigger were present.

Jektal builds a house (June 13, 1999)
Thas offers a critique of the decor.

The BH returns to Britannia (June 8, 1999)
Sir James is present.

The Battle of Trinsic (April 28, 1999): Trinsic was invaded by ettins and orcs - Logrumethar defends.
Battle of Trinsic 1
Battle of Trinsic 2
Battle of Trinsic 3
Battle of Trinsic 4
Battle of Trinsic 5
Battle of Trinsic 6
Battle of Trinsic 7
Battle of Trinsic Won

The Eternal Flame Auction (April 3, 1999): Organized by Jektal, this event brought people from all over Britannia to auction off items including two drakes. Unfortunately the drakes did not sell but they did make the entrance of the Keep look impressive. (Screenshots by Hubert)
Two drakes brought for the Auction stand at the entrance to the Keep.
Jektal, the auctioneer, organizes the event upstairs in the library.
An impressive sight for visitors.
Some of the auction attendees.
A larger "All-Names" of the group of those who attended.