The Eternal Flame

Ultima Online: The Burning Heart Era

Day of the Dragons (Aug 22, 1998) : On this day dragons appeared all over Britannia along with other dungeon dwelling creatures. Here are some screenshots taken by Hubert:
A dragon near Dragonfire's barn
Hubert and a red dragon in Southwest Yew
Hubert gets a haircut
Shadowlord attempts to confront a dragon

Double Wedding - Dragonfire/FireAngel and CT/Shadowldy(March 98) Ceremony performed by Ca'arn the monk
"I now pronounce you"
The celebration after
The reception at Kazola's Tavern with appearance by Counselor Garet

Some screenshots provided by FireAngel
Meeting in Yew
Strip show at the Waterfalls
An Interesting Bathing Party

The disbanding of the Burning Heart
Members gather on the roof of the Burning Heart Tower
Daylar hands the keys to Malimn
Members remove their guild colors