Contacting the Eternal Flame

Greetings traveler! Welcome to the Eternal Flame Website. Here are a few ways by which you may contact the members of the Eternal Flame.

In Game

Star Wars : The Old Republic

We are on the Ebon Hawk server. Click on the link above for more information. Feel free to post in our Pub (see "The Pub" below) if you have any questions.

Everquest II

The guild currently plays on the Unrest server and is aligned with Qeynos. In addition we have a common chat channel in "efchat". Type '/join efchat' and then '/1 message' (replace 1 with the number of the channel you receive... if you are speaking in no other channel it will be /1).

World of Warcraft

The Eternal Flame are proud members of the Horde and play on the Thorium Brotherhood server.

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

Eternal Flame played on the Seradon server which was merged into the Telon server(the only one left now). A house was placed but has decayed due to inactivity in the game. Further information can be found here.

Neverwinter Nights

The guild played Neverwinter Nights and hosted a module named "The Island Pillar". Information can be found here

Star Wars Galaxies

Eternal Flame was found on the Starsider server on the planet Corellia just east of the city of Coronet. Eternal Flame helped create a city by the name of Riverfield. Activity in SWG has come to a halt and the city has long since fallen but the guild hall still stands and is an interesting place to explore. Further information can be found here.

Anarchy Online

In Rubi-Ka we used to play on the Rubi-Ka 1 dimension. We've mostly left the game though. Records of our adventures can be found here.


In Norrath we once played on the Innoruuk server. Our members have dispersed to other games and to other guilds such as the Final Covenant. For more information click here.

Ultima Online

Come to our Keep on the Felluca facet of Great Lakes shard of Ultima Online. It's open to the public, and houses our tavern, the "Traveller's Rest", as well as other amenities for the journeyer. The Keep is located to the southwest of the city of Yew across the bay and west of the mountains. We have a Library upstairs in a villa on the nearby beach as shown on the map below.

Map of the Keep area

You can also find the Eternal Flame on the Siege Perilous shard. We have a two-story guild house there east of Minoc as seen in the green box in the map above.

Activity in Ultima Online has come to basically a stop. However, a handful of members keeps the flame alive by owning the Keep and SP house.

For more information on Eternal Flame in Ultima Online click here.


Seek out our member roster to find our members. Our character roster contains the name of some of our characters so you may find them within the game.

The Pub

The Eternal Flame provides a message base referred to as "The Pub". All visitors are welcome to post messages here. You may get to the Pub by clicking on the button to the left labelled what else but "The Pub". Of course visitors must not cause any problems in the Pub or they will be thrown out by our bouncer(ooc: you will be ip-blocked if you use excessive obscenities or vulgarities or are causing unwelcome problems).


Our members can also be found on IRC on the server on channel #ef . If you do not have an IRC client you may log in with the Javascript client below to connect to our channel.

Current IRC Users

If you cannot get this client to work, you may wish to download an IRC client such as mIRC or ircII. If you spend any significant time in IRC you should acquire a native client such as mirc or PIRCH.

When you arrive in our channel you will most certainly find our always-resident channel keeper who goes only by the name of X. He tends to be a silent fellow, excepting the friendly greeting he gives to all who enter. X, however, will take certain requests of those in the channel. If you wish to have a wine or ale, just type "X wine" or "X ale". However, be sure to capitalize his name. He tends to be sensitive and is offended when you refer to him as "x".