Ethics of
The Eternal Flame Guild
Wheel of the Virtues

The following Ethics have been set forth to help govern and guide the members of the Eternal Flame guild, and unwillingness to follow these ethics will result in removal from the guild.

  1. Members shall strive to uphold the eight virtues: Compassion, Honesty, Honor, Humility, Justice, Sacrifice, Spirituality, and Valor.
  2. All members shall adhere to and obey the laws of the realm.
  3. Members shall conduct themselves in an honorable manner, remembering that their actions may affect the guild and its other members.
  4. No member shall purposefully attack or provoke any person (including NPCs) or guild, without just cause, unless the Council has declared war on the one in question.
  5. Members shall strive to help any innocent people, new members, or new players who may be in need as long as it does not interfere with the guild ethics or laws of the realm (See ethic 2 above).
  6. No vulgarities, or acts or words of sexual, religious, or racial discrimination shall be tolerated at any time in peace or war.
  7. The guild will actively be involved in multiple games. Members may choose to participate in any of those games as a member of the guild. Members, however, are prohibited from being in any other guild in the same game for which they are an active member of the Eternal Flame(If one is a member of the Eternal Flame in Game 1 but not Game 2, then that member can be in Guild X in Game 2 but not in Guild X in Game 1.) Any member that uses this rule to the advantage of another guild and to the disadvantage of the Eternal Flame without the consent of the council will be removed from the guild.
  8. Members shall not steal or loot from any innocent players or NPCs. Should a member find a dead body and equipment abandoned somewhere, they should seek to guard the possessions in case the owner should return. If the owner does not return within a reasonable time (In UO, by the time the body decays), they may take the possessions, and being willing to return the items should they encounter the owner later.

    If a player is seen in a losing battle with an NPC, the member may provide help to the player in defeating the NPC provided it does not conflict with the laws of the area(e.g. do not help someone fight a city guard).  When the NPC is defeated, the assisted player will be allowed to take all loot.  Members will be allowed to accept part or all of the loot from the NPC only if the player offers it or leaves it behind.  If a player accuses an Eternal Flame member of "Kill stealing" and there is a valid dispute, the member will allow the player to take the loot.  Members will not engage in lengthy arguments with non-members concerning the rightful owner of the loot even if the non-member is incorrect.  Members are expected to not engage in such petty disputes with other members and should compromise in such situations.

  9. Members shall strive to keep promises and confidential guild information (e.g. guild passwords) secret. If they are unsure about a question, they should refer the questioner to a member of the Council.