The Eternal Flame Library
The new Inventory report


Basic Nano Helmet           QL 85
Basic Nano Helmet         QL 80
Basic Nano Boots QL 78
Waitt Cyber Armor Gloves QL 80
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Gloves QL 106
Bau Cyber Pants QL 137
Bau Cyber Body Armor       QL 41
Hanshi Primus Decus Helmet QL 186
Hanshi Primus Decus Coat QL 189
Flawless Graft Sleeves          QL 104
Flawless Graft Sleeves   QL 189
Krutt Assault 219 Waltzing Queen QL 168

Belt Component Platform  300x QL 31
Belt Component Platform 300X QL 46

8-16 NCU Memory QL 43  X3
16-31 NCU Memory QL 49
16-31 NCU Memory QL 60
16-31 NCU Memory QL 70
16-31 NCU Memory QL 76
32-63 NCU Memory QL 87
64 NCU Memory QL 162
Ring of Power - Projectiles     QL 105
Ring of Power - Projectiles     QL 34
Ring of Power - Elements QL 173
Ring of Power - Elements QL 113
Ring of Power - High Energy     QL 177
Cloaking Device QL 161

Lava Trenchcoat.
Irreparable Light Beamer Pistol Construction Manual
Engineering News:How do I make my robot Taunt?

Nano Crystals
Disruptive Retributive Negator QL 182
Only You, Only Me QL 152

Wish List.

Vektor QL80 Knighthunter
Reflective sunglasses Animegoddess
6 Slot Belts Everyone
Discourage Movement ql 129 (nano crystal) Mickeyanna
Toxic Sphere Mickeyanna
Greater RNA Reaper Mickeyanna
Burning Quartet Mickeyanna
Rend Flesh Mickeyanna
Particle Flare Mickeyanna
Shrapnel Burst Mickeyanna
Boil from Within Mickeyanna
Pronounce Blindness Mickeyanna
Enfraams Supreme Fortification Mickeyanna
Nullity Sphere Mickeyanna

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