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Riverfield Town Meeting 06-08-04 10pm EST

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<awou> you look so lonely
<hubert> Well as soon as we get city officials. :) I guess the militia could be up here... hardly worth even me being up here though. hehe.
<hubert> In fact...
<awou> hehe
<wekaufo> where did the chair go ?
<wekaufo> oh
<hubert> For this type of crowd this seems more appropriate. hehe.
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<hubert> Well lets get started.
<ja'earl> Croyd was here last tym
<hubert> One thing I forgot to mention in my last mail was that Riverfield became 6 months old just last week.
*** Wekaufo Ockoowai cheers for you!
*** Ja'Earl Braket cheers. YAY!!
<hubert> This city hall was placed on Dec. 3, 2003
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "stupid chair"
<hubert> Thanks to everyone who contributed to the growth of the town.
<wekaufo> need seat belts
<ja'earl> lol
<hubert> hehe. look at me on the edge of my chair. :)
<wekaufo> whats our agenda
<hubert> Anyway, as many of you may have noticed, participation not only in this town but in SWG in general seems to have dropped recently.
<wekaufo> spring time, garden work
<hubert> I think interest may be slipping a bit.. hopefully it will be energized by the space expansion.
*** Awou Pabignerc agrees with you.
<hubert> Yes.. that too Wek.
*** Ja'Earl Braket nods.
<hubert> Hopefully when it gets hotter outside people will want to be inside with the AC on instead. hehe.
<wekaufo> school is out soon too
<awou> and america is gettin lazier too
<awou> that's always in our favor
<ja'earl> cheaper to stay home
<hubert> Anyway... I've been trying to think about what our town needs... and I really couldn't answer that question unless I knew what its citizens need. :)
<awou> shuttleport
<ol'mann> fs slots!
<wekaufo> more girls
<hubert> So I'd have to ask all of you what you think we really need. :)
<wekaufo> As a town, I think we are doing well considering what is happenig elsewhere
<hubert> Well... A shuttleport would be a small source of income.. as it can collect revenue from the charges.
<ja'earl> its hard to say ,the town has many things
*** Awou Pabignerc agrees with Ja'Earl Braket.
<wekaufo> but if no one is around to use it
<ja'earl> peace shops
<hubert> Yes, I agree. Strangely enough I think our success is due to us being more inactive. hehe.
<wekaufo> how soi
<ja'earl> but many are just inactive
<hubert> We have several citizens off server and some with cancelled accounts... They don't actually play enough to leave the town. :)
<wekaufo> oh !
<hubert> Whereas cities with more active citizens will decide to leave a town for another one.
<hubert> Only a theory though.
<wekaufo> from what ive seen before I stopped here
<wekaufo> the tons are pa grouped and there because of their gameplay
<wekaufo> while we are pa
<wekaufo> we dont have as much gameplay reasons
<wekaufo> we are just cooperative
<wekaufo> which is still great
<hubert> True... A strange side effect I noticed about this game... PAs and Towns seem similar but actually are very different.
<hubert> But the towns almost seem to be given life by the guilds that comprise them.
<awou> yes
<hubert> So maybe what we need is to reinvigorate EF itself.
<ja'earl> hehe
<awou> i think it would behoove us to search for guilds looking for new homes and invite them to Riverfield
<hubert> Then again.. how do we do that? hehe.
<ja'earl> *grins*
<wekaufo> It seems we're still talking about the same thing, town or guild
<hubert> Well we had one offer from Sunaj... there was a lot of resistance from many citizens as their intentions weren't made known.
<wekaufo> Whatever we do for one serves the other
<ja'earl> earth quake?
<hubert> IMHO, any guild that would like to join us shouldn't be allowed in unless they are open and interact with us freely. I've seen no attempt by Sunaj to "interact" with us.
<wekaufo> sorry , ate mexican
<ja'earl> hehe
*** Awou Pabignerc agrees with you.
*** Wekaufo Ockoowai agrees with Awou Pabignerc.
<hubert> It appears that they are just sitting on the fringes of our town waiting for us to expand and include them as citizens.
*** You agree with Wekaufo Ockoowai.
<wekaufo> which benefits us as muchas them it seems
*** You smile at Wekaufo Ockoowai.
<awou> we could always ban them from the town
<awou> if need really be
<ol'mann> heathens at the border
<hubert> Well they'd still be citizens of course.
<awou> and we of course don't have to give them militia rights or zoning rights
<hubert> I have read about cities with that problem.. problem citizens who won't go away.. they put a name on their house that is offensive and they won't leave when asked to.
<hubert> That is a good point Awou.
<awou> if they were to become a problem, we could always report them to SWG support
<wekaufo> we need to focus on what we of the town and of EF need, within the town
<ja'earl> unless they get their leader as mayer
<hubert> In actuality I have found nothing really "offensive" about Sunaj. They have expressed at one point that they would like to join the town and never made any concerted effort to join the town.
<awou> if we ban them, they can't enter city hall to vote for him
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<hubert> I don't think we can ban them from City Hall though. As long as they are citizens. I also read that you cannot /cityban a citizen.
<awou> what?
<awou> that makes no sense
<hubert> You can however ban them from all structures.
<wekaufo> then we dont expand and dont let them in
<hubert> Except for City hall.
<zathros> c
<hubert> Why doesn't that make sense. As a citizen of a town I'd expect you to be allowed in your own town.
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<hubert> Quiet you. :)
<ja'earl> wats so bad abot them?
<awou> but if you cause problems, you should have the ability to be punished by the town
<ja'earl> higher taxes?
<wekaufo> I have never seem anyone of them in my time here
<awou> but that affects the whole town
<hubert> Nothing Ja. Just I need to hear something from them about joining the town. One guy approached me and I made him a citizen.. I've heard nothing from any other member of them.
<ol'mann> sunaj wants to run their own mayor if i remember correctly
<hubert> That is true Awou....
<ol'mann> at or speak i think it was talked to one of them
<ol'mann> they left another town after having some issues
<hubert> In fact there is much complaining in the forums about a mayors true inability to control citizenship. They are not allowed to kick a citizen from a town... I can understand that because it can be abused for griefing purposes...
<wekaufo> they cant have many members or they'd have their own town
<hubert> But there should be more controls.
<awou> it should have to be voted on by a town council
<hubert> Yes, I agree Awou.
<ja'earl> aye
<ol'mann> i think they want a ready-built large town
<hubert> Actually from what I heard.. they had a town and it broke up because the mayor quit his politician skills because he wanted to do something different.
<ol'mann> if nothing else their mayor candidate would be gaining lots of xp
<hubert> IMHO a mayor shouldn't be a mayor if they're gonna do that. :)
<hubert> The mayor happened to be the leader of Sunaj itself from what I can tell.
<ol'mann> holy crow, some guy bought the Worlds Worst Heavy Mineral Extractor (tm) off my vendor
<awou> hehe
<ol'mann> i thought i'd never see one sold
<ja'earl> are they a guild as we r ,or just a game guild?
<awou> i've never seen any sunaji members
<ol'mann> prob just a game guild
<ol'mann> arent too many groups like ours :)
<hubert> Yes. I expect they won't last as long as we will.
<wekaufo> ok so what are we concerned with here ?
<wekaufo> that if we expand they'll trey to take ovver
<hubert> No concern really. I just need the citizens to come to me as I don't know their names. :)
<hubert> I think it is highly unlikely they'll be able to take over the town.
<wekaufo> me too
<hubert> I know some citizens where a bit concerned about the type of people we would be letting into the town...though if they are never here then they really can't affect the town itself. :)
<hubert> Fact of the matter is I really don't know what Sunaj is like because I've only met one member (and a few of his alts).
<ol'mann> I also think if we expand we need to start charging a tax of some sort
<wekaufo> What we need to concern ourselves with is how do we make this work to our advantage
<hubert> Merging in a whole guild is sometimes dangerous too I think... If you try to smash two groups of people who might have different opinions together theres bound to be conflict.
<awou> that will shy away a lot of new prospect citizens if we charge tax
<hubert> I agree with that Awou.
<awou> especially new players
<hubert> Actually lets move onto that... Enough of Sunaj for now....
<wekaufo> we haven't had any new prospect lately and we have no taxes
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<ol'mann> but why should i donate my funds to allow them the priviledge of owning a home in a research town
<awou> well we havn't exactly been recruiting for town either
<hubert> I've had several requests from citizens that we start charging a tax.
<awou> really?
<ol'mann> and if we increase in size and want a shuttle port, thats extra costs for us to cover
<awou> that really surprises me
<hubert> The concerns are how we are going to pay maintenance on all of the structures in town.
<ja'earl> start with a small tax?//
<awou> yeah
<hubert> In actuality I think tax increases won't make much of a dent in the amount we have to pay.
<wekaufo> taxes are only applied when things are paid for right ?
<awou> be right back
<hubert> I estimate our weekly maintenance is about 500k which includes city maintenance(civic structures) and house maintenance itself.
<ol'mann> depends on the tax
*** Awou Pabignerc waves to Barney Beachseeker.
<awou> wow
<hubert> We, as mentioned before, have several off server/cancelled account citizens which we have to pay for ourselves.
*** "ok keist?" Barney Beachseeker says.
*** Kelst Lasel says, "excuse me?"
*** "I was worried about you!" Barney Beachseeker says. "I saw that thing attack you"
*** "oh no im fine Mlady, thank you though" Kelst Lasel says.
*** Kelst Lasel says, "anyone know where the mission terminal is here?"
*** "i do" Awou Pabignerc says.
*** Kelst Lasel says, "can you show me please?"
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "faction or normal terminals?"
*** Kelst Lasel says, "normal"
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "see that merchant tent to the west?"
<wekaufo> We do that so we maintain our status
*** "thank you" Kelst Lasel says.
<wekaufo> maybe we should drop a few
<hubert> Yes...
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "they surround that building"
<ja'earl> as the new ones are added?
*** "thanks very much" Awou Pabignerc says.
*** Barney Beachseeker says, "I just repaired it up to full...."
*** Barney Beachseeker bows to Awou Pabignerc.
<wekaufo> maybe or just enough so we dont fall back to the lower lvl of town but reduce our costs
*** "even better" Awou Pabignerc says.
*** Awou Pabignerc bows to Barney Beachseeker.
<ja'earl> aye
*** Barney Beachseeker says, "no, thank you! I never would have gotten one but since you let me use yours I found out how handy it was"
<hubert> Anyway... that is one of the things we tried to do is to gain members from off the server to increase our numbers to achieve higher ranks.
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "they are very very helpful"
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "even better if you can manage to get an av21 speeder"
<hubert> I've had mixed feelings about that.
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "those are rewards from the corellian corvette missions"
<ja'earl> are there sales tax?
<wekaufo> but we will incur all the costs if we dont have peole running around our town buying things and using our terminals
*** "actually......." Barney Beachseeker says.
*** Barney Beachseeker grins at Awou Pabignerc.
<hubert> There is sales tax.. basically the amounts on vendors will be increased to adjust for the sales tax automatically.
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*** Awou Pabignerc says, "don't tell me you have one?"
*** Barney Beachseeker says, "When I was at the funfest my team won the live action event and I won an av21......Pex just sent me an email asking me where I wanted it"
*** "Ah..." Hubert Vestan says. "At is here.... :)"
<wekaufo> but without people to buy the stuff, it wont matter
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "OMG!!!"
*** Barney Beachseeker grabs Awou Pabignerc and drags him to the dance-floor.
*** Awou Pabignerc grabs Barney Beachseeker and drags her to the dance-floor.
<hubert> True Wek. One of the reasons I think taxes won't help us.
*** Barney Beachseeker says, "but I don't know anything about it"
<wekaufo> we need to draw buyers to our town
<wekaufo> then the crafters will follow to sell their wares
*** "they are as fast as speederbike swoops with the terrain navigation ability of a normal speeder" Awou Pabignerc says.
<wekaufo> then we grow
<hubert> Another complaint in the Politician forums is that there are not enough sources of income for a town. The costs just go up as you increase in rank and there is no really good way to pay for it except by donations.
<wekaufo> exactly !
<atilius> hi all
<hubert> The skill trainers should be profit skimable.. and so should the mission terminals.
<awou> we're in riverfield at
<wekaufo> and how do we raise the money for the donations
<ol'mann> its a money sink
<atilius> ah ok
<hubert> Hi At.... meeting in Riverfield.
<hubert> Well in the past we've had donation drives that worked quite well.
*** "i wish i could find one of those speeders for sale somewhere" Awou Pabignerc says.
<atilius> hi all
<ja'earl> the devs dev not politick
<hubert> Hi At. :)
<atilius> sorry about being late everyone
<wekaufo> s'ok
<ja'earl> hya At
<ol'mann> heya at
<atilius> hi ja, wek, Hu, awou, everyone :)
<atilius> hiya olie
*** "I will keep an eye out for you if I find one." Barney Beachseeker says. "So they're good? I feel lucky!"
<hubert> Just glad you could be here... We're physically meeting in City hall if you happen to be in town. Otherwise this is fine right here. :)
*** "they are the best speeder in the game" Awou Pabignerc says.
<atilius> no, i'm at the rebel op
<atilius> i'm sorry but i only have aobut 10 min max. busy night
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "and if you ever decide you don't want yours, i'll be more than happy to take it off your hands for you"
<hubert> So anyway. Ways of raising cash... Any ideas?
*** Awou Pabignerc smiles at Barney Beachseeker.
*** ***ja'earl Riverfield has gone offline at Tue Jun 08 22:59:53 2004.
<hubert> Well the donation drive that Speak did a while back worked well.
*** Barney Beachseeker smiles at Awou Pabignerc.
*** Barney Beachseeker says, "I'll consider it!"
<atilius> yea that helped alot
<hubert> A promise to match everything up to 2million... that of course requires rich folk to donate to begin with though.
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "well, i've got to get back to our town meeting"
<wekaufo> but, im poor now !
*** "thank you for giving my speeder back" Awou Pabignerc says.
*** "ok. It was nice seeing you again." Barney Beachseeker says.
*** "stop by any time" Awou Pabignerc says.
<hubert> I have cash but I would really like the town to be self sufficient if possible.
*** "oh, check this place out" Awou Pabignerc says.
<atilius> yea
*** "oh, of course I would give it back! I'm no thief. Oh, and btw, send me an email with a list of the rare items you are looking for and I will keep an eye out for them for you!" Barney Beachseeker says.
<atilius> afk one sec
*** "the list is on" Awou Pabignerc says.
<hubert> Anyway... at the risk of being without aim in my discussion here let me refer to one of my first lines...
<wekaufo> If I had that answer I could sell it and raise us some funds !
*** "it's huge" Awou Pabignerc says.
*** "ok I will check it out." Barney Beachseeker says. "Well, off to my home! have a good night"
*** "ok, you too" Awou Pabignerc says.
*** Barney Beachseeker waves to Awou Pabignerc.
*** Awou Pabignerc salutes Barney Beachseeker.
<hubert> I said I'd like to know what the town needs but I need to know what the citizens need... Basically I'd like to know what our town goals should be... if we knew them we might have a better idea of how to raise funds.
*** ***wekaufo Riverfield has gone offline at Tue Jun 08 23:03:54 2004.
<awou> where is everyone going?
<ol'mann> i think we could focus on becoming a crafting/sales centre
<ol'mann> victoria's secret show is on Fox tonight
<hubert> One possible route for us to go is a frequent event town... that requires a lot of player input and participation.
<awou> i agree
<hubert> Another route is like Ol'mann says... make us a center of merchants.
<awou> that sounds like a good idea
<hubert> I'm thinking we already have participation problems... not anyones fault... we only have certain amounts of time in game.... I'm thinking the merchant center idea is more feasible for us.
*** Awou Pabignerc says, "what happened to ja and wek?"
*** ***wekaufo Riverfield is online at Tue Jun 08 23:06:20 2004.
*** Channel information complete.
<atilius> yea i agree
<atilius> the merchant idea sounds great.
<atilius> sorry, i'm semi-afk here
<awou> agreed
<atilius> we need to attract more crafters then
<hubert> So... to do this we'd need players who are into crafting to be citizens.
<awou> yeah
<wekaufo> sorry lost connection
<awou> thats a problem
<atilius> the biggest advantage I see is that we are so close to Coronet city, arguably the most traveled to city in the galaxy/server/game
<hubert> Also they would need a place to sell their items... an open place that attracts customers.
<wekaufo> but we arent closer than others
<awou> yeah, i have to avoid the city or it takes 10 minutes to get through
*** Awou Pabignerc waves to Aunoug Onec.
<atilius> so are you proposing that we advertise/recruit merchants to place their vendors in the town?
*** Aunoug Onec waves to you.
*** Aunoug Onec says, "Beautiful city you have here"
*** "Hello Aunoug.. Thank you." Hubert Vestan says.
*** Wekaufo Ockoowai says cheerily, "Join it"
*** "You are welcome" Aunoug Onec says.
<atilius> well, the only other city that i see that is close to coronet is Phoenix Risen which is south of Coronet. other than that, we are it
*** You bonk Wekaufo Ockoowai on the head. What were they thinking?!
*** "hehe." Hubert Vestan says.
*** "Join the city?" Aunoug Onec says.
<awou> hey
<awou> i like him
*** Aunoug Onec says, "How very bold of you to make a request upon just meeting me"
*** Hubert Vestan says, "Would you like to become a resident of the town?"
<awou> hehe
*** Aunoug Onec says, "I do appreciate your kindness, however I already have a home, back on Dantooine"
*** "Just opening an avenue of communication" Wekaufo Ockoowai says.
<awou> phoenix is not very competitive to us though is it?
*** "hehe. Well it is good to meet you." Hubert Vestan says.
*** "The pleasure is all mine" Aunoug Onec says.
*** Aunoug Onec says, "Take care now"
*** Aunoug Onec waves.
*** Awou Pabignerc waves to Aunoug Onec.
<ol'mann> no
<atilius> well, their very disorganized although they have tons of stores...although i haven't seen a single store/shop that sells anything worth buying
<wekaufo> they arent organized at all and work against each other
<hubert> I would like to see the organization of our town be used to our advantage.
<atilius> yea, i think we could really corner a market for lack of a better word hehe
<awou> hehe
<wekaufo> problems with things like this are that others take advantage of them
<hubert> We have a great main street. I always had dreams of walking down that mainstreet with vendors on all sides. A mall if you will. :)
<awou> that sure would be nice
<hubert> Lofty goal of course... probably not realistic.
<ol'mann> all we need are punks on skateboards
<wekaufo> if we sell cheaper than others , others buy them and sell them for more closer where the people are
<awou> and rent-a-cops to yell at them
<hubert> Eek, rent.. more maintenance. hehe.
<awou> hehe
<wekaufo> graffiti
<awou> and old people walking up and down for exercise :)
<ol'mann> sorry brb with smoothy
*** ***ol'mann Riverfield has gone offline at Tue Jun 08 23:15:17 2004.
<hubert> Well we have the lineup of houses on the south side of Main street. Those are some of the first houses placed in this town... long before the city hall was placed.
*** ***barney has gone offline at Tue Jun 08 23:16:21 2004.
<hubert> I'd hate to see them go but all of them, except for smoothy's, belong to players that have cancelled accounts.
<hubert> In addition none of them provide citizenship. We could do two things to help advance a merchant/mall type atmosphere...
*** ***smoothy Riverfield is online at Tue Jun 08 23:17:38 2004.
<hubert> We could get everyone on the admin list of those houses and vendors could be set up... the drawback is that the names of the buildings cannot be changed.
<atilius> actually, i think that the devs are worrying about that too since they just announced 14 day free trial of the game with a free download
*** Channel information complete.
*** Atilius Crydell waves to you.
*** Atilius Crydell waves.
*** Atilius Crydell waves to Awou Pabignerc.
<atilius> sorry afk again
*** Awou Pabignerc waves to Atilius Crydell.
<hubert> Or we could let those houses decay. The big drawback to the decay method isn't so much losing a house deed but that it takes about 1 month for a house to completely decay.
<awou> but you have to be a member of some site to get the download
<awou> and the site membership costs i believe
<hubert> Yes... Fileplanet it is I think?
<awou> thats it
<hubert> They always have the "free" trials. :)
<wekaufo> but you need another computer to play the free trial
*** ***ja'earl Riverfield is online at Tue Jun 08 23:20:15 2004.
*** Channel information complete.
<hubert> BTW, Wek, I noticed you removed your vendor from the Riverfield General Store... that leaves just Tyme
<wekaufo> I had to give up the skill points
<hubert> And I've not seen Tyme in a long... well time. :)
<awou> hehe
<wekaufo> im no longer a master artisan
<awou> you don't need the skill points to have the vendor
<wekaufo> but have unarmed and slicer abilities
<awou> my other char has 3 vendors and has no merchant or artisan skills
<wekaufo> didnt know
<hubert> Actually you can keep a vendor placed after you give up the skills.. You just can't RE-place it once the skill is gone.
<wekaufo> thought i had to give it up or lose my stuff on it
<atilius> hey all. i'm really sorry but i gotta log
<atilius> just couldn't free myself up tonight
<hubert> Ok. Be safe At. Thanks for coming.
<wekaufo> bye at
<awou> bye bye at
<atilius> welcome Hu
<atilius> hope the rest goes well
<atilius> ciao awou, hu, ja, smoothy, wek everyone
<ja'earl> cya/wave
<atilius> ciao
<smoothy> ok at
*** ***atilius Riverfield has gone offline at Tue Jun 08 23:24:02 2004.
*** Ja'Earl Braket waves to Atilius Crydell.
<hubert> Ok... well, if crafting marketplace type of town is what we're going for I would guess we'd like to recruit crafters.
<awou> yep
<wekaufo> oh sure now i need my artisan points back !
<awou> just to be clear, do we offer a free house to new citizens?
<hubert> And what do you think we should do with the houses on main street? Right now there are mainly storage. Should they be converted to shops?
*** ***mesin Riverfield has gone offline at Tue Jun 08 23:25:50 2004.
<smoothy> is they need one, awou
<hubert> Yes.. free SMALL house only.
<awou> ok, i'm never sure if i should promise that
<wekaufo> can I move next to ja's mansion ?
*** You have new mail.
<hubert> They will need to provide anything larger or buy it from me. And Large houses are frowned upon because they are hard for militia to place due to the lot reqs.
<wekaufo> hehe
<ja'earl> wat mansion?
*** Wekaufo Ockoowai smiles at Ja'Earl Braket.
<ja'earl> lol
<hubert> Good question BTW Awou... If anyone sounds like they're interested in being a citizen the free small house on agreement to remain a citizen is what we promise.
*** Ja'Earl Braket grins at Wekaufo Ockoowai.
<awou> ok
<awou> thanks for clarifying that
<hubert> We can't guarantee that they won't pick up the house and run but if they do that we don't want them as a citizen anyway. :)
<wekaufo> Lets put a chain on it
<awou> hehe
<hubert> And... there are house deeds in Vale's Den across from the PA hall and EF Store. Militia should all have access to that house.
*** You have new mail.
<hubert> As always follow the map on the website when placing a house. Once it is down and ownership transferred it is hard to move of course.
<awou> yeah
<hubert> Come to think of it I should update that map... though I think very little has changed in the past month. :)
<wekaufo> are we going to promote this idea ?
<awou> i think that souns like a plan
<hubert> You mean the idea of a free small house? Always.. Or do you mean the crafter town?
<wekaufo> Riverfield the crafters town !
<awou> we should make a macro to promote the town
<hubert> Yes. Sounds like a plan to me.
<wekaufo> and a barker droid
<hubert> Say who has Merchant skills here?
<awou> we should put one in the museum as well
<smoothy> ol'mann does
<hubert> We actually have room for 2 more merchant tents on main street right outside the General store.
<ja'earl> Shouldnt the Museum be in town?/
<hubert> Have to drop the one small garden but thats 10k a week anyway. :)
<awou> i'm up for that
<wekaufo> we should do the tents
<hubert> Ja, interesting point too.
<awou> if you want to give me a medium house for it, i'll have more space for exhibits
<hubert> It would seem to me Hefty's house would be a good place for a museum. Though we'd have to move the animals again. hehe.
<smoothy> where did the +min/+max damage powerups go to that were in the PA hall?
<ja'earl> Adopt a Garden !
<awou> it's not worth it to use a large house
<awou> too many lots used up
<hubert> Well the lots are already spoken for with Hefty's house.
<hubert> Depends on what is in the museum anyway.
<awou> and it's easy to get lost in large houses too
<ja'earl> Zoo?
<wekaufo> aquarium
<wekaufo> gift store
<ja'earl> hehe
<wekaufo> sell bantha statues
<awou> we could have a museum and a zoo
<wekaufo> i got 12
<awou> wow
<awou> i'm working on getting about 15 rantok swords
<hubert> I wonder if I could put a streetlamp over the house sign of the main street houses. We could rename them then.
<hubert> probably wouldn't be too convincing though.
<wekaufo> merchant can put up better signs
<wekaufo> cant they
<hubert> Like convert Hefty's house to an aquarium... Vales house to a museum....
<smoothy> different signs
<smoothy> they dont look much better imho
<hubert> Not sure they can block other persons signs either.
<awou> i'll use lots for a museum
<ja'earl> Heftys is big enough for both
<hubert> There is room for a house right next to the Riverfield General store.
<awou> then we can actually use the name
<hubert> Actually I meant convert Hefty's small to an aquarium.
<hubert> Other options are to let those houses start decaying. 1 month later we can place a house then.
<hubert> I think Mayors should be able to demolish a house that is decaying... though I suppose that wouldn't be popular. :)
<ja'earl> that would be better
<hubert> Letting them decay saves us some money... then in the end we have control over the name... though we have to use extra lots.
<awou> oh, hu, if you get time, can you make me a long table to place all of these items on?
<awou> the one with the half circle legs
<hubert> Sure.
<hubert> Send me email so I dont' forget. :)
<awou> thanks
*** You have new mail.
<awou> get it?
<hubert> yep.
<ja'earl> well i gotta log ,nytnyt
<hubert> Ok. It is about time to end the meeting.
<wekaufo> nite ja
<ja'earl> *waves*
<hubert> Seems we made some progress.
<hubert> Good night Ja.
<wekaufo> Ill put a vendor back in the store
<hubert> We seem to have a better direction for the town I think. We can discuss further in the Pub.
*** ***ja'earl Riverfield has gone offline at Tue Jun 08 23:42:50 2004.
<wekaufo> drinks for all
<awou> hehe
<hubert> Yes Wek as long as you have Bus III you can place a vendor.. don't have to be master.
<awou> i'll drink to that
<hubert> Ok. Any other points before I adjourn?
<wekaufo> now i cant i dont have bus 3
<hubert> Countdown...
<hubert> 3
<hubert> 2
<hubert> 1
<hubert> Meeting adjourned..

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