The Eternal Flame Library
Geonosian Lab Guide

You can find the mapped guide here:

And here are very important bits of information so that you can make your way through this static dungeon:

There are eight (8) key pad locked doors scattered throughout the bio lab. They are labelled i-viii on the map.
Access codes: 32281 (i), 12872 (ii), 51892 (iii), 86332 (v), 11380 (vi), 52577 (vii), 78660 (viii)

Note: The access codes do NOT re-cycle. Once you have the codes they will always be useable.

Door iv (the mercenary room) requires you use a hot-wired electronic passkey or slice the keypad terminal in order to gain access to the room beyond, not an electronic passkey (note the difference).

Here is a link to the map (great map guide):

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