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City and Faction Merchants

City and Faction Merchants

City Merchants (Available only to Patrons)
1. Qeynos Harbor: City Merchant Rabbleson � SE side of the archways that lead to the docks.
2. South Qeynos: City Merchant Jowling � second story of The Herb Jar (vial symbol on the map)
3. North Qeynos: City Merchant Tatterhorn � inside the armor shop, Call to Arms.
4. Eldarr Grove: City Merchant Mirthmire - inside Antonica's House of Pottery (bow & arrow symbol on the map)

Faction Merchants (Available to Patrons and Followers)
1. The Qeynos Guard: Merchant Aldermun - up the first set of palace stairs, then off to the right of the stairs in a cubbyhole.
2. The Concordium: Merchant Shinolio - first floor of the mage tower flanked by a flying carpet.
3. The Tunarian Alliance: Merchant Trillium - up on the Arbos tree platform.
4. The Celestial Watch: Merchant Meredeth - inside the Temple of Life, flanked by two spirit steeds.

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