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Secret Meeting withWindguard of the Mercury Dragons Clan and Alus Alliance Leader

Start logging of "Vicinity" at 02/02/02 18:57:20

18:57: Atilius: ah yes. quite nice. reminds me a bit of my own home here in west athens :)
18:57: Windguard: Sit please
18:58: Windguard: What do you wish to discuss?
18:58: Atilius: Certain details of the Alus Alliance
18:58: Windguard: I'll be glad to answer any questions you have.
18:59: Atilius: My guild officers have read the mission statement and we agree with it in principle. We no longer trust that there are any honest or genuine peace talks going forth. CoT appears to be under control of some other force and OT has no honesty. The clans are therefore in danger
18:59: Atilius: You basically answered some of our concerns through your posts though
18:59: Atilius: We have no desire to target civilians
19:00: Atilius: even when they are OT unless they are raising weapons against the clans
19:00: Windguard: You do realize the alliance does not want the destruction of Omni-Tek, just our independance and changes in the Tir Accord which we consider unfair.
19:01: Atilius: What brings concern/questions is whether or not the Alus Alliance is willing to have political discussinos with the CoT if they become more active or invovlved with the clans again?
19:01: Atilius: yes, I read that and it was something that we very much agreed with
19:02: Windguard: The Alus Alliance will not follow CoT, for 6 years they have done little, except sign an Accord which did little benefit to all the clans.
19:02: Windguard: And even what little was gained...the Accord is being OT forces being stationed in our territory.
19:03: Windguard: So we'll listen to what CoT has to to following whatever would be considered an
19:03: Atilius: I see. I too have reason to doubt their effectiveness but in the past we have generally follwed them since we hoped that through the CoT clan unity and independence could be maintained. We do have serious questions about them and at the present time we have decided not to follow them due to their unstable behavior but if their behavior should change, our questioon is if whether or not the Alus would be willing to work for them
19:04: Windguard: Work for With would depend on the circunstances and it would have to be something agreed by all Alus Alliance Clan Leaders.
19:04: Atilius: ok that's fair enough
19:04: Atilius: what about the recluse named Sir Gallahad? Does the Alus Alliance have any particular stand or view of this man and his Knights?
19:05: Windguard: I myself worked with CoT in the occupation of Sabulum, so working with them is possible.
19:05: Windguard: One moment, I have an incoming transmission, hold please.
19:05: Atilius: yes I remember. What you said is both reasonable and wise re: your stance to work with and not for them when appropriate
19:05: Atilius: certainly
19:14: Windguard: Sorry, was a distress signal, it's taken care of.
19:14: Atilius: good to know
19:14: Windguard: Any other points you wish to discuss or questions?
19:14: Atilius: I guess that we were on the matter of Sir Gallahad
19:14: Windguard: Yes...
19:15: Atilius: and one more question after that...
19:16: Windguard: The man has the right idea...however he does not help his ideals by dressing like a man who MAYBE died over thosands of years and speak in "ye old" language...
19:16: Atilius chuckles
19:17: Atilius: Yes, he can be seen in a rather odd light but we truly appreciate his ideals in our guild
19:17: Atilius: we too think he h as the right idea
19:17: Windguard: He has a lot of followers...but then he did buy the lands on which his organization is located, he was a rich trader.
19:17: Atilius: yes, and as the old saying goes. He put his money where his mouth is. Personally, I respect that
19:18: Atilius: well then. one more question and i will not take any more of your time up
19:18: Windguard: I respect his ideals...but the way he...delivers his ideals is not very appealing to many...
19:18: Atilius: true but neither is blunt truth....
19:19: Atilius: well, our other concern has to do with Omni Mining sites in Rubi-Ka including (but not limited to) here in the norther lands
19:19: Windguard: He does dresses like he wants to go hand to hand with a dinosaur...very brave...but a bit foolish from a political pov
19:19: Windguard: Well...I can't say much since at this time the actions we
19:19: Atilius: What is the Alus stance on OT's mining of those sites and what about the bio=hazardous waste materials they dump. What does the Alus alliance believe that should happen with those materials?
19:19: Windguard: are planning..
19:20: Atilius yes Gallahd is anything but political
19:21: Windguard: Lets say any active mininig operations by OT in clan territory will have constant visits from clan side...with a direct approach.
19:21: Atilius: I see. Personally, I feel the same way
19:22: Atilius: what concerns me is the bio-hazard material. If they keep dumping those toxins into our world we may not have one to inheret if this continues. I realize that this cannot be addressed at the present time but I feel that this will have to eventually be looked at
19:22: Windguard: As for the toxic wastes...most are created by abandoned mines...some are partly operational...and the toxic stuff is what is the result of it.
19:23: Atilius: Hmm. I wonder if there is a way to shut down and close the entrances to those Mining sites. Perhaps one day
19:23: Windguard: I saw an abandoned OT mine in PW...and the cyborgs have full control of it...and it's quite operational.
19:24: Windguard: OT..well, we know their modus operandi so far...
19:24: Atilius: yes, I've heard of that too. I am concerned about why the cyborgs would want to operate a mine
19:25: Windguard: And Red Freedom and Redruum and his people...we starting to see how they operate...
19:25: Windguard: But cyborgs...we have no real idea...
19:26: Atilius: yes, i agree with your assessments of Red Freedom and Redruum. If Redruum isn't working to destroy us he is simply a fool that leads us to death. IN the end, he is more trouble than help for us
19:26: Windguard: I'm trying to see things from a non-linear point of view...stepping back to see the whole picture..and the clans are not doing as well as their could.
19:27: Atilius: Yes, but the reason why there is no unity is due to differeing purposes. Many clans want different things. Some want simple power, others wealth, others to simply destroy OT and nothing else while others are fighting for freedome but some are fightintg for the freedom while risking our security
19:28: Atilius: My initial concern about the Alus Alliance was that they were too close to Red Freedom but I've become aware that it is anything BUT Red Freedom.
19:28: Windguard: On a political front I'm getting stomped since many see the alliance inactive...yet we're training extremely hard for plans we're working on, and we don't make it public like Redruum because we want to surprise the enemy, not wave and tell them we're on the move, not military acceptable.
19:29: Atilius: yes I agree since I've spent my entire life as a solider. Redruum lacks all tact, strategy and reason in his war. I suspect he is mad if not a traitor
19:29: Windguard: In to be blunt, the alliance is military, and it's our main strength, dicipline, clear goals, and clear and honest ways to reach our goals, without becoming what we're fighting against.
19:29: Windguard: I must make a persona comment, if I may.
19:30: Atilius: certainly
19:31: Windguard: When I knew about the birth of the Athen Accords...I was..dissapointed, since I had worked with omni in the past and learned that the only power in OT-Admin, and no omni factions leader can go against OT laws..or declare us independant...
19:31: Windguard: It was something which perhaps was made with good intentions...
19:32: Windguard: But the omnis had no authority to even sign such Accord...or uphold it.
19:32: Windguard: As far as i can see...clans upheld it...and omni broke it, from reports I got.
19:32: Atilius: Yes I was aware of that too but our primary motivation (and this has been kept secret) was to call OT's bluff. I felt that if there was an all out rejection of the amnesty and the accord, then the clans would be seen as barbarians by the galaxy. We felt that this was a way to dare OT to break or stop their own supposed stab at peace
19:33: Atilius: which I'm glad to say has unfolded that way
19:33: Atilius: we want peace but we are not fools either.
19:33: Atilius: OT cannot be trusted under any circumstance EXCEPT when it comes down to a threat to their profits
19:33: Windguard: Well we think alike.
19:33: Atilius: yes I see and am glad of it
19:34: Windguard: Any other wuestions I may answer?
19:34: Windguard: questions that is.
19:35: Atilius: well, I have heard many wonderful things in this meeting and my motivation to sign this alliance is very high. However, my guild is democratic and it takes an %80 vote by the top 5 officers to make this a reality. I will hold a meeting within the next 3 or 4 days and we will vote then but I will be campaigning for it. I think the chances are very good
19:35: Atilius: I would ask two favors though b4 we end this meet
19:35: Windguard: Good, omni's have crippled one of our allied clans...The Federation...
19:36: Atilius: the first one is if you could email me the log of our meeting so that I can post if. I'm asuming you logged it and if yo udid i would like to post it in our own private message boards.
19:36: Windguard: Their original leader was swayed to betray us....General Nemesls...
19:36: Atilius: the second one is if I could get a feline grace buff so that I can don my helmet again. heh
19:36: Atilius: yes I remember reading about it..
19:37: Windguard: And their new Leader, General Fearstrike appeared to be missing now...we suspect either an assasination or kidnapping.
19:37: Windguard: Their second in command decided to move himself into another alus alliance clan to serve the alliance better.
19:37: Atilius: hmm. seems that the clan has some serious questions of stability
19:38: Windguard: TF requested to withdraw from the alliance because they could not provide the support they are provide as per the alus document signed by their original leader.
19:39: Windguard: They are not in Alus, but I personally offered my help in case they need it.
19:39: Atilius: that's understandable and if I may add a comment? I don't think that an organized body would do well with a gruop that is going through serious stability issues. It could have affected the entire alliance
19:39: Windguard: I shall send you the copy of the log, I always log meetings like this.
19:39: Atilius: yes thank you.
19:39: Atilius: I realize that you are a prudent and careful man
19:40: Atilius: ty
19:40: Windguard: Trust me, I learned my lesson when I was in RF...
19:40: Atilius: will have to do this outside. I use a carrier craft to raise my strength
19:40: Windguard: Had i kept logs...I'd have more evidence against Redruum....but I'm done with it, he makes more evidence with his actions...
19:40: Windguard: Very well
19:41: Atilius: good idea
19:41: Atilius: my email adderss is
19:42: Atilius: one second. i'm gonig to use my craft one moment
19:43: Atilius: this is the first time I've seen you in your battle gear:)
19:43: Windguard: Obtru is my prefference.
19:43: Windguard: It was a good meeting, thank you for your time, duty calls.
19:44: Atilius: yes good gear for you profession :)
19:44: Atilius: same here
19:44: Atilius: thank you for taking time out of your buys day
19:44: Atilius: we will be in touch soon
19:44: Windguard: Very well.

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