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Many roads a man must walk. Choose the road less traveled for it leads to adventure.
UIN: 1239475
Division: Courage

This is an EverQuest character Falidaar Lifegiver 85 ClericThe original old man cleric, who still carries a big hammer. Now with Epic 1.5! Level 85, Yeah baby!
This is an Vanguard: Saga of Heroes character Falidaar 10 MonkA priest with a kick!
This is an Vanguard: Saga of Heroes character Garlon Kaer 5 PaladinThe mighty dwarf returns.
This is an EverQuest II character Falidaar 83 Templar (CLR)The young one in a new world
This is an Star Wars: The Old Republic character Falidaar 42 Jedi CounselorThe Force is strong in this one.
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Virtue Awards  
Researching and providing information

Helping others

Guild and/or event participation

Outstanding loyalty, truth to others Outstanding loyalty, truth to othersOutstanding loyalty, truth to others

Giving to othersGiving to others

Out-of-game work

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