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Be mindful of everything but fear nothing, for death is just a part of life.
UIN: None
Division: Peace

This is an World of Warcraft character Fenil 57 WarriorThe Elf wizard has been reborn as a short, stocky killing machine. =)
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Virtue Awards  
Helping othersHelping others

Outstanding loyalty, truth to others

Giving to others

Fenil Worldwalker, though much younger then his brother Throrin Worldwalker, enjoys the adventure of travelling across the world of Norrath. Though he now resides in Freeport he still yearns for his home of Felwithe and returns there often. At a young age Fenil decided that he was cut out to be a Wizard, against the urges of his older brother. Though he does respect his brothers choice he found that in his lack of physical strength he had a very strong mind. And so he became a Wizard, a being which has no use for brute strength. Though he is young Fenil fears nothing, yet he is always aware of the dangers that lurke around every corner.

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