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"Once upon a time, I could do no wrong,
Though the candle flickers, the flame is never gone."
- Colin Hay
UIN: None
Division: Knowledge Guild Leader, SWG"

This is an EverQuest character Bumluk1 Shaman Ogre Shaman. Name says it all
This is an EverQuest character Euara5 Necromancer Erudite necromancer from the city of Paineel
This is an EverQuest character Faredor2 Paladin Human Paladin
This is an EverQuest character Figgwin5 Warrior Halfling Warrior
This is an EverQuest character Hubert20 Ranger Wood elf ranger
This is an EverQuest character Sebarsis7 Warrior Iksar warrior determined to rightfully claim Kunark for the Iksar and purge those who have invaded it.
This is an EverQuest character Zathros47 Druid Wood elf druid
This is an EverQuest II character Bummlukk11 Fighter Ogre
This is an EverQuest II character Flef18/80 Illusionist/Provisioner Gnome
This is an EverQuest II character Huebert75/80 Swashbuckler/Woodworker Half elf
This is an EverQuest II character Zathrus22/80 Wizard/Carpenter Human
This is an Other Games character BumlaccaNovice Brawler [SWG]Wookiee on the Flurry Server
This is an Other Games character Hu'bert50 Nightblade [ESO] (572 Champion Points) Working on Cadwell's Gold currently
This is an Other Games character Hubert66 Adventurer [Anarchy Online]An explorer, seeker of adventure
This is an Other Games character Hubert VestanMaster Architect [SWG]The guild architect. Mayor of Riverfield and Keeper of the PA Hall
This is an Other Games character Zathros3 Nanomage [Anarchy Online]
This is an Star Wars: The Old Republic character Hubert14 Smuggler
This is an Ultima Online character HubertGrandmaster mage An old mage holding down the fort in Britannia
This is an Ultima Online character Hubert (Siege Perilous)Grandmaster Tailor,Carpenter,Mage,and Scribe Guild Tailor and treasurer
This is an Ultima Online character LumbertAdept Lumberjack Guild treasurer for the Great Lakes shard and lumberjack
This is an Ultima Online character Umberto CardivanAdept Rogue Heya! I co-owna da Keep!
This is an Ultima Online character ZathrosGM Archer GM Archer
This is an Vanguard: Saga of Heroes character Bumluk1 Warrior Lesser Giant
This is an Vanguard: Saga of Heroes character Hubert25/25 Rogue/Carpenter Half elf
This is an Vanguard: Saga of Heroes character Zathros1 Sorcerer Human
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Virtue Awards
Honesty Honesty

Compassion Compassion   Compassion

Justice   Justice


Honor Honor   Honor

Sacrifice Sacrifice   Sacrifice


Humility   Humility

Hubert was born in a world named Vesta. Vesta had enjoyed hundreds of years of peace and prosperity. When he became of age, Hubert became a hunter and provided food and animal hides for the people in his home town of Akala. However, as he became older, a strange evil began to grow in Vesta. Bizarre creatures, none of which had ever been seen in Vesta, began raiding cities from the wilderness. Hubert's role increasingly became protector of his town along with several others.

As time passed, larger and more powerful creatures began to appear, the most powerful of which was the giant devilish red-skinned beasts with horns and enormous strength. When one of these giant beasts came into the town at least ten men were required to destroy it. Inevitably each of these attacks would take one or two lives.

One day, when Hubert was patrolling the woods outside of town alone, he ran across a red moongate, something that he had never seen in Vesta before. After hearing noises from inside the red gate, he hid behind a tree. He peeked out to see several creatures come out of the gate, the last of which was a giant red beast. The beast stopped, sniffed the air, and looked around. And Then it spotted Hubert! The beast glared through him with his firey eyes and let loose a bone-chilling roar.

Hubert knew he had no chance of defeating this creature alone, so he fled into the moongate hoping that if the creatures followed him they would at least be kept away from the ones he had sworn to protect.

He went through the gate and arrived in a dense forest. Falling to the ground he turned back to look at the gate. The red beasts arm and head had just came into this world when the red gate suddenly closed on him. Defeated by the vortex, the creature's top half fell to the ground and his cohorts were thwarted behind him.

A few minutes later when he finally caught his breath, he got up and began exploring the area. As he walked through the forest, he ran across a small village with a tower in it's center. The first thing he saw was a woman being chased by a gruesome creature. Instinctively, he attacked the creature and slayed it. He asked the woman where he was. She said she was just passing through but that he was in the village of the guild known as the Burning Heart.

As the members of this group were strong and of good heart, Hubert asked them for their help in finding a way back to his home to defeat the growing evil. But the red gate would not appear again. Weeks, Months, Years passed and there was no sign of ever returning to his home.

However, as time passed, he found great friends in the Burning Heart which had the same noble causes as his own. Eventually he joined the guild and went on many quests in this land which was known as Britannia. But, Daylar, the leader of the Burning Heart, sensed a great evil in a far away land and had decided to move the guild to this land to fight the evil. Many people were unable to make the journey including Hubert and stayed behind in Britannia, and the group of noble friends was separated. Alas, there was no longer a Burning Heart guild in Britannia.

But those remaining in Britannia held strong and formed a new guild which became known as the Eternal Flame. Hubert still remains in this guild, hoping some day, his friends in Britannia can help him liberate his homeworld of the evil that plagued it.

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