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Ja'Earl Braket
"Oh the wonders of this land !" "Now, where was that portal. I'm not lost?"
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Division: Peace Guild Wanderer"

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Hail, Fellow Travelers in our fair realm ruled, thanks to the valor and devotion of the "Avatar", by commission of our Liege, the Lord British. May I introduce myself. I'm Ja'Earl Braket "The Wanderer", Son of Sir James Braket and Ceara, his elven wife from Trinsic, "The City of Honor" in the land of Britannia.

Many fine warriors have come from this city to serve the Lord British to rid Britannia of the plague of evil that had been unleashed by the entities "Minax" and later "The Guardian". As a young fellow the notable Markus taught my sister and I the art of defense and the ways of the Avatar, the Virtues. In due time, I ventured to serve the kingdom in a better capacity answering my destiny's call. I sought to join the ranks of one of the many virtuous guilds in the land "The Eternal Flame", as did my father, one of the founding members, which saw the "Burning Heart" leave the realm of Britannia to continue new conquests in the realm of "Norrath". Being one that remained, I had the honor to help form "The Eternal Flame", having the fire in our hearts to continue to serve the "Virtues", to be of aid to the weak and pressed, to continue to be an example to those that will to follow the "Ways of the Avatar", and our liege, The Lord British.

==):------> Ja'Earl "the Wanderer" Braket <------:(==

Where-a-bouts: As of lately, I am somewhere wandering around [as a result of accidentally stepping into a portal that appeared on one of my travels] to some far distant planet called Rubi-ka, some thousands of years in the future. My stay here has been too long. Maybe soon I could move on and check out wats brewing on one of the Empire's planets. Maybe I might meet Yoda, hehe. Wait! Wats this? A portal--wonder where this goes? ... NeverWinter? Wat!? ... Well, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever see Britannia again.

This adventuring is taking a toll on me. I've seen enough for a while; guess I do have a home, "Britannia". Oh, now I remember where that portal was to there. So, I'll go back to the area where I thought the portal appeared near a rock ledge with a curious mark on it. There on the ground lay a small smooth stone, similar to the one I had found in "Brit". So, just as I did in "Brit", I picked it up, and unlike I did before thinking that it was just a worthless pretty stone, threw it on the ground hoping a bluish portal would appear to take me home. Overjoyed and relieved that it worked, I stepped in. ... Hmmm, some thing's wrong here. I can feel it in the air--my home isn't the same..... "Now I've done it, stepped into a space portal. Now wat?" Wat's this, seems like I've gone back in time and am in a place "far, far away"...a place called Corellia and from wat I gather, it appears to be under the control of a very powerful and merciless Galactic Empire. I'd better be careful around here and watch my back ... Well, feeling restless again. I guess I'll find that portal and step in and see where it takes me this tyme.

Hey, this place seems familiar, Norrath, but it seems different some how. Things even look different. Could it be I went into the future of Norrath? Hmmm

Tyme to move on again. Hey! Wats this?...another portal to a land called Telon ... Oh! Where will this adventure take me?

Well, growing homesick for my home in Norrath ... Yes! decided to go home and see wats new and dangerous , hehe ........... My! how tyme flies.

Checked my mail today and was surprised to learn I had a cousin by the name of Keara . She's the daughter of my uncle Justin Braket. She says she just recently learned about me by way of her ailing mother born in a land called Aquilonia of Hyboria . She tells me that the few months after her parents died that she was kidnapped and sold as a slave to a slaver making a delivery whose ship suddenly wrecked, broke up and sank off the coast of a pirate stronghold called Tortage. She claims she drowned and was brought back to life magically by a sunken Atlantian relic and was washed ashore, alone and frightened. She's having to learn to be a warrior barbarian, thanks to the things she learned from her father to stay alive in this brutal land. She hopes to travel back to Aquilonia, where the king is "Conan the Barbarian". She is proud to take part in the fight against a dark threat to King Conan's Empire. I hope to receive more news from this cousin and might make a trek to see this land myself ... hmmm ... sounds intriguing, but I have decided not to--too many places I haven't seen in Norrath.

I'm been wandering around in far reaches of Cyberspace and Time and fell into a space/time rift ,in the future of the land called U.S.A after the 3rd Fallout occurred .

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