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"I wasted time, and now doth time waste me." - William Shakespeare
UIN: None
Division: Knowledge Dungeon Master, NWN"

This is an Other Games character Baine Lannen40 Fighter/Wizard [Neverwinter Nights]Brother to Caine, he is as much of a ladies man as him.
This is an Other Games character Dmitriy40 Fighter [Neverwinter Nights]Brother to Yvgeniy. A very well mannered and polite gentleman.
This is an Other Games character Dmitriy Darklon20 Ranger/Monk A Guild Wars RP character. Brother to Yvgeniy.
This is an Other Games character Hugo40 Monk [Neverwinter Nights]A curious Brownie that has wondered into the lands of the big folk
This is an Other Games character Yvgeniy40 Fighter/Bard/Red Dragon Disciple [Neverwinter Nights]A young immortal who is bound to a job for eternity.
This is an Other Games character Yvgeniy Darklon20 Warrior/Monk A Guild Wars RP character.
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Humility Humility

A half-elven adventurer named Yvgeniy, who knows little of his past and nothing of his parents. He grew up alone on the streets and took shelter where he could. He had a couple of mentors from whom he leanred a lot of skills. However, Yvgeniy loved traveling very much, and so he never stayed in one place for too long. After many years he tired of this and wished to settle some place for a longer time. Unfortunately for him he was our of luck, for he always lost friends and was cast out of many places. This was due to his gift, one which even he knows little of. Though it be his gift, it is also his curse... He came to settle on The Island in hope to stay and gain friends whom he may keep. Little does he know that he is making the same mistake over and over again...

He's lived on The Island for quite a while now and found that he likes the place a lot. He likes the people that live and come here, and they like him in return. Like any other person he also has enemies, but accepts it as a part of the balance of life. Now Yvgeniy has a servant in his service by the name of Alucard, whom he treasures as his best friend. Since he has finally settled, he's looked into things he's never looked into before, and gained things he's never gained before. One of those things is Canithrulia, who is very dear to him and his only true love. As for the rest dear to him, those would be his close friends that forever changed his life...

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