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i had a dream, where i relished the fray, and the screaming filled my head all day
UIN: None
Division: Knowledge

This is an Ultima Online character argamemmnon gm sword/tactics/cooking
This is an Ultima Online character argsmithy miner/smith/tinker
This is an Ultima Online character capt highliner gm fisher
This is an Ultima Online character mingus gm mage/swords
This is an Star Wars: The Old Republic character MrMooMoo Trooper-Vanguard
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Virtue Awards  
Researching and providing informationResearching and providing information

Helping others Helping others

Guild and/or event participation

Combat and actions on the battlefieldCombat and actions on the battlefield

Outstanding loyalty, truth to others

Giving to others Giving to others

Out-of-game work

The "second sight" possessed by the Highlanders in Scotland is actually a foreknowledge of future events. I believe they possess this gift because they don't wear trousers. G. C. Lichtenberg (1742-99)

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