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Knowledge, combined with compassion, leads to true Justice.
UIN: None
Division: Knowledge

This is an Star Wars: The Old Republic character Ogion32 Sage The original blind sage.
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Lord Nemmerle,

I am sending this letter of introduction to you on behalf of my adopted son Ogion. As requested, I have included information about his past, family life, and personality.

Ogion was born to parents Elfarran, a Paladin of the order of Mithaniel Marr, and Gensher a mage. His parents were killed on a trip back to Felwthe from Kelethin. I can only guess at what happened. The attack occurred just before the first sightings of the ambassador Dvinn’. We believed they ran into his escort party, as he was on his way to Crushbone. I first found Ogion being carried in the arms of a water elemental, a favorite choice of his fathers, toward Felwithe. A short time later, the elemental returned to it’s normal plane. As you know, an elemental will return to his home plane if the caster died or is carried some distance away. We never did find the bodies of his parents. I believe that Ogion still hopes that they are alive somewhere, either in the ogre kingdom or in the dark elves world. I hope that they perished that night, for their own sakes. All attempts to find out if they are alive, have failed.

I adopted Ogion into my family. Actarus and him get along as if they had always been brothers, in spite of their differences in temperament. Ogion loves to tease and make fun of nearly everyone. The more he likes you, the more he will tease. I once asked him why he takes nothing seriously. His answer was, “With what I have seen, I must laugh at this world, or cry for it.”

I tried to train Ogion, with Actarus, to become Paladins. Ogion has shown that he takes after his Father’s skills and I have no talent for mage craft. Therefore, I am sending him to you, so that he may get the training that I can not provide.

Lord Coronal Holywalker Felwithe

--- Several Years Later ----

Dear Mom and Dad,

I write with the hope that this letter reaches you. I am attempting a new program, sorry, spell to breach the dimensional barrier in an attempt to send this to you.

About a Month ago, I was in the Karana plains to meet Actarus. We had no sooner met up, when Lightning struck Actarus’ sword and my elemental. The freak mix of magic, caused an explosion that knocked us both out. When we awoke, we found ourselves in a strange room, without our weapons and armor. Even ourselves were changed into featureless forms. When we investigated this room, we found what we thought were magical altars. Using these altars, we gained knowledge, and with that knowledge found that we had been transported to another universe. The altars provided us with information, a new form and some equipment necessary to survive here.

This place is fantastic and terrible at the same time. The variety of creatures, and the wonder of the magic, they call it technology here, is amazing. But, this is a world at war. It seems there is a group of people here, called a Corporation, which is trying to enslave the people that live here. Actarus and I have, of course, decided to fight them. We are not alone, it seems that many friends from Norrath have suffered the same fate as my brother and I. It must have been fate that has gathered us here at the same time.

I will try and write regularly, to let you know how we are doing. I would like to visit home, but have yet to find anything that will safely transport living matter.

Take care of each other.

All my Love,


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