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I came hidden,
I launched an arrow,
...the rest is to come.

The admirable Sir Robin,
Grandmaster Archer

UIN: 49031135
Division: Council

This is an Ultima Online character Robin My Great Lakes Archer
This is an Ultima Online character SirRobin My main man, the SP archer :-)
This is an World of Warcraft character Palnaline 20 Warriorthe shy
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Virtue Awards  
Guild and/or event participationGuild and/or event participation

Combat and actions on the battlefield Combat and actions on the battlefield

Outstanding loyalty, truth to others

Giving to othersGiving to others

Out-of-game work Out-of-game work

SirRobin of Siege Perilous died on the 16th of november, anno 2001

- may he rest in peace

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