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> Bazalad
UIN: None
Division: Courage

This is an EverQuest character Blayda 65th Mystic.(Shaman)How can U describe Blayda?Big gruff and with a heart of gold .
This is an EverQuest character Deeply Delicious 75th Shadow KnightEEEVILLLLL.
This is an Vanguard: Saga of Heroes character Autumnwolf 21 RangerWood Elf Ranger
This is an Other Games character Dagnarr 21 GuardianDwarf ,, fighter ,,, likes to fight!.
This is an EverQuest II character Karihs 70 PaladinDE Paladin ,, what an irony
This is an EverQuest II character Shirak 70 monkleeezard
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Helping others Helping others

Guild and/or event participation

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Outstanding loyalty, truth to others

Giving to others Giving to othersGiving to others

My name is legion! Quite literally!, Ive been alive and dead in so many worlds and bodys its untrue !. I was born named Bazalad and I became as my want a warrior . In my later years as I grew older I planned not to live forever as Bazalad but to free my spirit to travel beyond my earthly bonds.I traveled far and wide in search of instruction and knowledge on how to attain my goal. Finally I found it in an ancient Ashen hand monastery.I spent my earned fortunes preparing rituals,incatantions and spells for the day my dying breath came. On that day I faded away but not far !, I moved my spirit and took on the form of a Shaman , to which I had another life !.As Blayda I did as i did before , I travelled,I fought and I met great friends .I decided that maybe I could move my spirit in time ?.Well I moved it from one body to the next so why not time?. Thus after a long fulfilled life as a shaman I did once more move my spirit but this time I aimed for moving it in time!. I awoke to find myself 500+ years ahead of where I had been in a world of turmoil and strife. Not only that but the irony was that I had become what I hated most in my previous lives , a Dark Elf . One more thing I must mention ,, I had for some unforseen reason become female too!.< rest to follow >

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