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Justice is not always swift, and its face
is not always seen for what it is.
The road is long, little one. Enjoy the journey.
UIN: None
Division: Knowledge Guild Leader, EQ

This is an EverQuest character Avisigoth 50 WizardA slow speaking, accident prone human wizard
This is an EverQuest character Jarnhand 50 WarriorEasy going, self-conscious Barbarian.
This is an EverQuest character Johaan 61 EnchanterErudite craftsman: Jeweler (250), smith (67), tailor (158), baker (142), potter (130), brewer (128) and lush (200)
This is an EverQuest character Speakeasy 56 ShamanCousin to the three brothers.
This is an Other Games character Johaan Ditto 250 Master Doc and Master Combat Med[SWG]Master of Meds and Mass Destruction
This is an Other Games character Speakeasy Ditto 250 Pistoleer and Creature Handler[SWG]Master of Pets and Pistols
This is an EverQuest II character Jarnhand 80/11 Berserker/Craftsman + 121 AA pointsIf it doesn't run away, stomp it!
This is an EverQuest II character Littlefeets 80/70 Shaman/Alchemist + 120 AA pointsYou got blood on my boots.
This is an EverQuest II character Speakeasy 16 EnchanterGreat, great, great, great, grandson of Johaan the Bequiler
This is an EverQuest II character Yohaan 17 Bard
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Virtue Awards  
Researching and providing informationResearching and providing information

Helping othersHelping others Helping others

Guild and/or event participation Guild and/or event participationGuild and/or event participation

Outstanding loyalty, truth to othersOutstanding loyalty, truth to others

Giving to others Giving to others

Out-of-game workOut-of-game work

This is a story of three brothers: Avisigoth, Jarnhand, and Johaan.

Avisigoth, a human wizard in his mid-twenties, was always fascinated with fire. While playing with sparks one morning at a very early age, he burned part of his home city to the ground. This unfortunate occurance encouraged his mother to take him on a rapid journey to live with his uncle, the wizard Ludwig. Affectionately known as Mad Louie, Ludwig embraced the idea of an apprentice to chop wood, fetch water, and generally take care of the mundane distractions that plague modern wizards.

Soon after his first winter in his new home, Avisigoth discovered a lightning spell his uncle had left on a table. After practicing the spell to no avail, he went to show friends the wondrous sparks he could make when the spell fizzled. On his second cast, Avis was thrown to the ground by a thunderous crash, and the North Tower of his uncle's keep was promptly shortened by two floors.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but Avisigoth soon found himself on a slow boat to Freeport. His eyebrows started to grow back during the journey, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Meanwhile, Avisigoth's step-brother Jarnhand was growing up in the frozen lands, half a continent away. Easy-going and industrious, Jarnhand took to battling small creatures with some reluctance, but quickly found the challenges of combat irresistible. Always mindful of what others might think, he spends lots of time improving faction with various groups. After turning 16, Jarnhand left the mainland to hunt Sirens in the Ocean of Tears. He spent a couple of seasons there, and has recently returned, ostensibly because he can no longer stand the taste of fish. He was last seen hunting beetles in the Karanas, although some claim to have seen him fighting pickclaws in Highhold Keep.

A second step-brother calls Erudin home. This brother, named Johaan, grew up surrounded by the arcane arts. A favorite past-time was watching the Apprentice shows at the Enchanters guild. After one of these shows, he joined the Craftkeepers as an Initiate, and embarked upon his chosen course in a steady, organized manner. Ever mindful of the thin line between illusion and deceit, Johaan has progressed slowly. He began practicing jewel craft and stein making early in his twelfth season. He is now proficient at making all types of silver and electrum jewelry. He is currently playing with platinum and malachite combinations.

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