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From: Hubert
Subject: Re: Project Gorgon

So this is a game I've spent a day in now. Great for those who want to see something early like early eq. A fairly good game with lots of room to grow.

Just wanted too add, there are quite a ton of features that were seen in other games like eq, ac and even uo. But with limited pvp. Also most of the community from Asheron's Call is there.

Yeah, I played this on and off for about a year or two when it was in alpha/beta and free. I see it just went to Steam in a paid form and I decided not to buy it. It was kind of neat to see an MMO created by a non-giant-corporation (like Sony, Origin, EA, etc.) though.

The quests were fairly well done although in the alpha state I didn't see too many areas to explore. Just the two main towns that I saw. Maybe they opened up to more when they released?

Hubert, the all over the place guy.

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