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From: Hubert
Subject: Re: Staying in
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 03:13:36 +0000

Well, I figure the few of us still around are all at home and stuff. Hope you get some playtime in whatever you are enjoying these days. I may hope back in to some EQ on the progression servers. But I'm enjoying Cities Sky Lines again for now. The challenges that you face in that game can be fun. Just when you think things are going well, boom, something odd happens and you have a mess.

Hope you all are safe and well.

Well, all well here as well. :) As with nearly all of us I am staying at home during this crisis.

However I won't have more free time as I'm working remote full time. I feel very lucky I still can work after hearing what is happening to others. Good luck to all out there and stay safe from the virus and we can all hope from unemployment as well.

Game status for me... I was pretty active in No Man's Sky until a week or two ago and since then have been working on the Vanguard emulator again more actively. I've been promoted to a "developer" there from my previous position of "content designer" (which I still intend to work on from time to time) and have access to the C++ server side code now which has been very interesting. Though it currently is more of an honorary position after my "content designer" position over the past 4 years showed my loyalty.

The code is quite challenging to learn as it has evolved for several years before I actually saw any of it and the others have been working on it for several years (feeling quite the noob :) ). But I hope to learn more and help get things working. It is very rewarding to see things working better and better over time on the emulator.

My hope is to get boats working again and maybe also housing. Those were two things that made Vanguard unique amongst MMOs (other than UO). They've put some effort into boats but it is far more complicated than you would think and still has a way to go before something usable is available. It is very hopeful though. I'll update you on the progress when it comes.

Hubert "NMS-player;VGO-CD/Dev" Vestan

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