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From: Hubert
Subject: Re: Greetings, all!
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2020 04:35:34 +0000

Dear EF,

This is Mincho, former AGL from the transition between UO and EverQuest all those years ago. I'm so happy to have stopped by and see that our wonderful guild is still alive!

I was playing EQ2 for a while, but now I'm in Elder Scrolls Online, wondering if anyone else is playing? Meanwhile, just so happy to see the guild here and to read through the History page again. The nostalgia is real! If I can see anyone in-game, either at ESO or back in EQ2 (or is WoW where everyone is now?) it would be amazing.

Sending all my best! :)

WOW! Now there's a name I haven't heard in a really long time. It has to be *gulp* I can't believe I'm saying this but over 20 years! I remember you being there in the early years. If I remember correctly you provided some of the early website hosts. The xoom sites I think? Maybe just the Pub. Such a long time ago. Thas may recall better.

As for me... still playing games after all these years. For many years I did play EQ2, then Vanguard, then back to EQ2, and a ton of others: Shroud of the Avatar, No Man's Sky, Human Fall Flat, and many others.

Although in EQ2, although mostly I solo, there was a period when I got heavily into raiding to get my Epic gear. Eventually I faded out of that pattern and moved onto the other games mentioned above.

I did poke at ESO in the beta but I never latched on mainly because I couldn't find the time. Oddly enough just recently I have revived interest in the Elder Scrolls games (none of which I ever officially completed) starting again with Morrowind (I poked at the free ES1 and ES2 they have up for free now too). This will take me forever certainly to get through Oblivion and Skyrim as well ... but I imagine in the end I'll head into ESO again as long as ES6 doesn't come out first. hehe. It's always about time unfortunately. And more adventures left than time... always. :)

On another note... I have found myself working on the Vanguard Saga of Heroes Emulator project on a C++ server side coding position. In fact just a few moments ago I was fiddling with a change to get something to work. Feels good to bring some of those old games back to life again.

Anyway, good to hear from you again. As always keeping the flame burning here. :)


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