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From: Thas
Subject: Re: Greetings, all!
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2020 07:24:37 +0000

Dear EF,

This is Mincho, former AGL from the transition between UO and EverQuest all those years ago. I'm so happy to have stopped by and see that our wonderful guild is still alive!

I was playing EQ2 for a while, but now I'm in Elder Scrolls Online, wondering if anyone else is playing? Meanwhile, just so happy to see the guild here and to read through the History page again. The nostalgia is real! If I can see anyone in-game, either at ESO or back in EQ2 (or is WoW where everyone is now?) it would be amazing.

Sending all my best! :)

Hey, another old face! Yep,we're still here,as Hubert says going for more that 20 years (surely that can't be right?)

Haven't been playing any online games myself recently, but I keep an eye open. It's always fun when someone pops in to say hi and let us know that they're doing well in life!

Thas the Admin Guy

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