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From: Hubert
Subject: HEY YOU GUYS !!!!!
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2023 05:58:37 +0000

Hi all !. Its been way too long since I popped in and said hello to you all !. So hows everyone doing ?. What are you all up too ?. Best Regards to my oldest guild mates.

Hi Blayda.

Good to see you again. Guild's been pretty much defunct for a very long time mostly because these are different days in the gaming world. But this site will be up for a long time to come so we'll at least be able to reminisce about the old days. :)

Like Thas I'm mainly playing single player games too (read some of my messages below to see what I've been doing). I have been playing Elder Scrolls Online recently but I'm kind of soloing in there anyway. Keeping an eye on Monsters and Memories as that is looking promising.

Also I've been teaching myself Unity programming over the past couple years so hoping to make some games myself. I've been on the Vanguard Saga of Heroes emulator (VGOEmu) and I work on portions of the server side (really no client side coding there since the working client is available). I started out scripting quests in many areas and then I moved onto diplomacy quests. And then when I got access to the C++ server code I got Civic Diplomacy working pretty well and I've been trying to perfect boats well enough to make them available (they are still a little glitchy). Fulfilling doing all those things between playing games.

Hope you're doing well.


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