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From: Speakeasy
Subject: Saving Soles Quest
Date: Wed, September 06th 2006 14:30:55 EDT

Saving Soles Quest

I propose we meet outside Sol Ro as soon as Arg gets in (after 9:30 ET) and attack the Magolemus. Once he is dead, Ja, Hu, and Arg will need to talk to the ghost, and turn the spires back on (takes about 20 minutes). Then they will need to talk to Tazgar in the Temple of Sol Ro in Lavastorm. I believe this brings Arg, Azz, Ja, and Hu to the same spot in the quest.

Once they have spoken to Taz, I would like to make a brief detour. Cuch and I would like to attack the LU20 heroic dragon (70^^^) that spawns near Tazgar. I want to believe Jarn can kill him if the healers can keep him alive long enough. I don't think we should try this if all three priests are not present, since our damage dealers will not be able to hit this guy for much.

After that, we need to return to Sol's Eye and kill Efreeti Lord Djarn in the Bastion of Flames for the next Saving Soles update. The rest of the quest can be done solo.

If there is any time remaining, we can clear the path to Naggy while we are in Sol's Eye. That will help advance the Speak as a Dragon quest.

Avisigoth/Johann in EQ1
Speakeasy/Johaan in SWG
Jarnhand/Littlefeets in EQ2

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