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From: Hubert
Subject: Re: Landmark Takish Elf Architecture Competition
Date: Thu, July 30th 2015 22:23:35 EDT

For those of you following Everquest Next and Landmark, you may have heard of some of the architecture competitions that were taking place in Landmark. Basically they challenge the builders in Landmark to create structures that they provide concept artwork for. If they really like what you've created your structure might actually appear in Everquest Next itself.

I have been playing Landmark for some time now and have learned a lot about building things. I decided to take part in the most recent competition. This is interesting because they are bringing up lore that will be used in Everquest Next to help you make decisions about building things.

The competition technically starts on Tuesday July 21st and will complete on July 28th. I'm pretty much done and mainly tweaking things as best I can. I'm not holding out too much hope of winning because I've seen some pieces of art that are amazing that I don't have a chance of beating. Though what I've done isn't too shabby I don't think I'll win. But who knows. Maybe I'll get some kind of honorable mention.

I've uploaded several screenshots of my structure. I called it the Kelebert Forest Observatory (a long story on the name... I can provide it if interested). It is an astronomical observatory set up by the Takish elves a long time ago in a forest. More details can be found in my uploaded library page here:

Wish me luck in the competition. :)

Well, the competition is over but the winners will be announced next week on the Landmark Workshop show (airs each Thursday). This weeks show just announced the next competition... Halasian architecture (the barbarians from EQ). I may dabble with that but I'm not sure I'll do anything as massive as this one(depending on whether or not my ego is stroked by winning anything on the Takish competition :) ).

Hubert Vestan

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