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From: Hubert
Subject: Re: Happy Anniversary EF!!
Date: Fri, September 11th 2015 01:45:43 EDT

The guild is now 17 years old believe it or not.

Happy Anniversary all!

And, something is coming. Something new, and yet the same!'s first major rework since we moved off of xoom! -- it was meant to be ready for today, but didn't quite make it. It's meant to be nicer to use on mobile devices (because you kids these days with your iphones and androids!); it's definitely not done, but some of the nice features (like a WYSIWYG message board editor!) are there.

Amusingly enough, this project was kicked off by Hubert being unable to upload his Landmark competition entry screenshots to the Library due to bitrot, but I haven't done that part yet.

The Pub works though, mostly!

Yes, Thas did this pretty much single-handedly. I only nagged him about things I was passionate about. hehe. Good job though Thas.

Work will continue on this and we might ask for feedback/testing of features as they become available (YAY Beta testing!). Thas will call the shots on that. The Pub and Back Room are looking good though so far. Yay for the WYSIWYG editor instead of our old HTML based editor. Now you don't need to be a web page designer to post a message (it's not all that bad on the current site I know but if you want to do anything that looks neat you have to know HTML).

The hope is to have something similar for the library as well. A bit of work is needed for that still especially in transferring the existing pages. But Thas the Great and Powerful will persevere. :P


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