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From: Hubert
Subject: ARK Progress
Date: Wed, November 11th 2015 23:27:13 EST

For those not in the game itself here is an update on our progress in ARK.

Long story short, Shadow is kind of the trailblazer in the game. He takes all the risks and in the process looses a lot of the creatures we have tamed. But at the same time taking those risks gets us creatures we'd never see had we played it safer. Sadly death of our tamed creatures happens frequently so you just have to get used to it. Death of your pets is permadeath so they are lost forever. Sad but you can always tame another creature that is similar. This is why we have a a Squire IV (3 others died before).

Anyway, we moved up from Raptors to Pteradons to Carnos to Brontosaurus and most recently we've been getting TRexes. As one would expect the TRexes are fierce but there are even threats to them as they are not the most powerful creatures in the game. We have lost 2 already though we have one remaining currently.

We've built a pretty nice open base on the south part of the island and have built some structures up north in more dangerous areas. Thas is frequently assisting Shadow while I stay back at the South base tending the garden and building ramps up the cliffsides to help with transportation issues. Dom and his daughter also are playing though I've not seen them too often (I think I play at different times than they do mostly).

Anyway, that's a short description of what we've been doing. I've posted some public screenshots on steam of our base and dinosaurs below. You can visit this site frequently to see if anything is new:

The first two shots are from the second night I played (October 10th). Thas and Shadow had built a house and a Brontosaurus came by and stepped on it... didn't break it at least even though it was thatch. Later we built high on a cliff to keep this riffraff out. :)

Hubert Vestan

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