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From: Hubert
Subject: Landmark Halasian Architecture competition
Date: Fri, December 18th 2015 19:08:56 EST

Well, they took a good long time but they finally finished the judging of the Halasian architecture competition. As you recall several months ago I put great work into the Takish competition but only obtained an honorable mention.

Somewhat discouraged by this I still liked the creativity of the game so I said I'd take part in the next one (the Halas competition) but I certainly won't put the time in that I did with the Takish competition.

So I put together a much smaller claim with a different theme than the observatory. Basically I was inspired by a small portion of the concept art showing the Halasian (barbarian) architecture they were looking for. You can see the image that I originally saw here:

My inspiration was at the top of the roof. You can see those "figureheads" that look like snakes or eagles at the top of the roof sections. Other concept art showed some different kinds of "figureheads" and I was inspired to make my claim just about these "figureheads". I would make them reflect the kind of figureheads you'd expect barbarians of Everfrost to make (wolves, bears, rams, etc.).

The end result was Huebert's Halasian Crafts. I did put some time into this claim but it was only 2 claims as opposed to the 8+ claims I used for Kelebert. And one claim was really hidden as it was a construction part. So I submitted this with much less work than I put into the Kelebert Observatory so I thought... maybe I'll get honorable mention too... if so at least I didn't put as much work as I did into Kelebert. Soon after I got addicted to ARK and we find ourselves where we are today.

Guess what happened...

"Huebert's Halasian Crafts" is a Winner of the Halasian Architecture competition as you can see in this post in the Daybreak forums (listed alphabetically by username):

As a reminder, winners of these competitions might actually see their works in the final EverQuest Next game. Then again they might not. I'll keep an eye out for either when the game comes out and if I see Kelebert Observatory I'll ask for some "posthumous" recognition. :)

They promised to make no cost templates (they won't use up template points in my allotted template points). I need to verify that they have done this and then I could delete the claim and work on something new.

I suspect the difference is that they were not really looking for whole works of art but more building blocks that they could use to build things themselves. That was part of my plan for Huebert's Halasian Crafts. And you could stick these "figureheads" in wherever you wanted. I guess it worked out in the end.

Lesson learned... don't work too hard on something for others to judge until you have a better idea of what the judges are actually looking for. :)

No screenshots now (I'll get some better ones up soon now that I know that it won) but there is the screenshot they posted on their facebook page:

Not the best angle on it but it gives you a good idea of what it looks like (I still like Kelebert Observatory better... hehe).

Huebert Vestan

Halasian/Takish Architect

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