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From: Hubert
Subject: Re: Landmark Halasian Architecture competition
Date: Sat, December 19th 2015 01:23:33 EST

And here is the link in the library of the page that I uploaded some screenshots to. Not nearly as many as the Kelebert build but this was a much smaller build after all.

I actually started with 6x6 models (the 6x6 indicated the size, in voxels, of the connection to the house (the log that it might be connected to) ) and then moved to 10x10 models. The first screenshots show the 10x10 models which look much better.

I have a snow covered 6x6 model of the eagle head. The eagle head seemed to be the only one that really looked decent at 6x6 level. The howling wolf turned out pretty "voxelly" still. But the 10x10 models turned out pretty good I think.

As mentioned in the screenshots I was not as happy with the bears. They looked a little voxelly still. My favorites were the ram and wolf. The howling wolf just seemed so primal and "barbaric" and I guess possibly they thought the same when voting for mine. That and the rams head seemed like they would go great on structures.

The smaller models include a "panting" wolf (I really wasn't going for a panting dog look.. it was a wolf with its mouth open but it just didn't look threatening... though the ears did turn out well). I have another in the background of the eagle with the snow on it that is a growling wolf but that really looked a bit too childish. Though the 6x6 wolf was a bit distorted it still captured the same feel of the 10x10 one at least.

I don't suspect they'll have any interest in using the 6x6 ones other than the eagle. I couldn't get really good shapes at that small size so I went to 10x10 and had better luck.

Anyway... wish me luck on getting something in here into EQ Next. :)

Huebert Vestan

Halasian/Takish Architect

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