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From: Blayda the Bear
Subject: Re: ARK Progress
Date: Wed, December 23rd 2015 13:24:09 EST

Oh cool you guys are in Ark too !.

What server are you guys on ?

We are Jurassic_Knights.

If any of you want to pop on let me know and ill forwards the Password.

The EF server of course, Eternal Dinosaurs. Likewise if you want to visit, I think the password's in the Back Room. If it's not, someone should put it there.

Sorry I Think my backroom access was removed about 6 or more years ago !.

Haha, well then no Eternal Dinosaurs for you!

Thas im looking on the server search and Eternal Dinosaurs isnt coming up. Any idea's?

the password's "brigand"

"and the sand giant just stomped on Wrathe!" oh how we laughed!.

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