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From: Thas
Subject: Re: A sad day...
Date: Wed, March 23rd 2016 23:25:58 EDT

Well, I put in a lot of work into Everquest Landmark but it appears all for naught...

So I guess I won't be seeing my Halas structures in game. Funny how quietly this was announced.

At least Landmark itself will continue...

TBH Hubert , I saw this coming a mile away. Its been months since any kind of real update on the progress and since DB Games took over I knew and said to others,, "thats it for EQNext".

They will plow the minimal of money into the current existing EQ games to keep them profitable and once that stops , they will disappear or be sold off to another company.

Personally I blame SOE for this.

They just needed to bring in some New Game Enhancements.

Thas the Admin Guy

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