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From: Thas
Subject: Re: WRATHE !!
Date: Thu, May 26th 2016 23:31:13 EDT

Wont let me in the Backroom ,, im excommunicated !.

On the Archery front , just got my hands on an Oneida Screaming Eagle ,, Think Arrow ,,, its a pretty sweeet bow!.

Oh noes! More likely you've just forgotten your password.

Or maybe I broke something :)

[edit] Nope, didn't break anything...

Erm ,, yeah human error is very possible !!!

...and since I cant remember my username or PW ,, yep.

Thas ,,, what do i do to remedy this ?

Drop by IRC (or Minecraft, or ARK) and I'll get you fixed right up as soon as I've noticed you've dropped in.

Thas the Admin Guy

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