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From: Hubert
Subject: Landmark Released
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2016 20:03:09 +0000

Landmark was released yesterday. You can get it for $10 (or you get it free if you got into the early access as a Trailblazer, Explorer(like me) or Settler) from Daybreak here :

So if you want to see what the efforts to make EQ Next amounted to you can try it out.

It's not a bad game. If you like building things it is an excellent game (there is a Minecraft feel with the voxels). There is a play portion of the game where you go out and fight creatures and gather resources for building. Not the most revolutionary combat but it's entertaining. I suspect in the last few months they've been pulling a lot of stuff they were working on in EQNext into the game.

As you saw from my previous posts the key feature is the ability to build some amazing structures. I won't go into any more detail here as you can find tons of youtube videos on the game to see what can be done.

I'm less enthusiastic about Landmark since EQ Next was cancelled but I'll still play it from time to time. If you decide to try it out and you have any questions you can post here or stop by IRC and ask me and hopefully I can help you out.

Hubert Vestan

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