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From: Hubert
Subject: Re: Hey old friends
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2022 04:01:30 +0000

I know what you mean. I ran into Daylar in ESO a couple years ago. I am playing FFXIV myself now. Hell I didn't have a kid back then and I now have a daughter that is 21 which is only 2 years younger than I was when I joined Burning Heart. In 25 years of gaming. Burning Heart/Eternal Flame and one other guild have ever felt like home. I am in both guild on ESO which I never play now. I am glad some old names are still around. I have this place bookmarked I keep checking in.

Yeah, the years just fly by. It seems insane to me that next September Eternal Flame will be a quarter century old!! BH already is. And in just a few more years EF will be as old as I was when I joined it. *hobbles back with a cane to his rocking chair* :)

Just before the pandemic I got onto an Elder Scrolls addiction and went back and finished all of the major ES games (Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim) and the next step was ESO. I've been playing that kind of on and off and am still trying to "finish" that as much as one can finish an MMO (I'm a completionist... hehe). I'm generally a soloer at heart so I really haven't joined any guilds in ESO or other games but ESO quest lines are rather enjoyable IMHO so I keep playing. And I'm also on the Vanguard "VGO" emulator project which has come along pretty nicely but still has a long way to go. Very satisfying to see the progress made there.

EF essentially came to an end of any activity quite a while ago and I've come to terms with that and don't expect a revival in this new kind of gaming world we live in now. But we'll keep the website up as long as possible to keep the memories alive. As my member page says "though the candle flickers, the flame is never gone." It was a great time back then.

Good to hear from old friends.


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