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From: Hubert
Subject: Results of the Takish Competition
Date: Thu, August 06th 2015 23:44:18 EDT

The Winners and Honorable Mentions of the Takish Competition have been announced.

And in the end....

*** drumroll ***

I was given an Honorable Mention.

Not a bad result. I know after time ran out I reviewed my claim and though it had some pretty neat stuff in it it wasn't really "production quality". I knew I made a few bad design choices that may have brought it under the winner's bar. I kind of agree with the honorable mention choice once I saw some of the other players claims in person. Some were really amazing.

With all of this preparation for Everquest Next you should expect some amazing structures in the final game. If you'd like to see them go through all of the honorable mentions and winners there is the following twitch recording:

My mention is around 17:00 (set it to 16:45 or so if you want to skip right to it).

So... time for me to prepare for the next competition. :)

Hubert Vestan