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From: Wrathehawk
Subject: Re: Back.....again
Date: Fri, January 19th 2018 16:28:02 EST

<BLOCKQUOTE class="bb_auto"> <BLOCKQUOTE class="bb_auto"> <BLOCKQUOTE class="bb_auto"> <BLOCKQUOTE class="bb_auto"> So I am back again and saw that the guild hall needed upkeep payment, so took care of that. It's very unlikely we'll ever make a comeback but the guild hall and name are still strong. </BLOCKQUOTE>

Thanks eq2, whoever you are. :) Fortunately EQ2 keeps the guild hall even when it runs out of maintenance. You just have to pay to get in the next time if it runs out. I'm sure EF will be there for as long as Daybreak keeps EQ2 up. </BLOCKQUOTE>

oops, was me :) </BLOCKQUOTE>

Thanks for the short mystery. :) Had me guessing. </BLOCKQUOTE>

Thats me, Mr Mystery!