The Structure of
The Eternal Flame Guild

The Eternal Flame guild structure is quite simple. In each realm, we have a Guild Leader(GL) and an Assistant Guild Leader(AGL). A group of members shall be chosen to assist the GL and AGL with guild issues in each realm. This group will be known as "The Council". Members of the Council will be chosen by the members of the guild and must be long-time members who can be trusted to serve the guilds needs. Council members will make global guild decisions and ensure that all members follow the Ethics. The Council will be divided into committees which will decide on realm specific issues. The details of the duties performed by Council Members in a committee will be defined by the realm in which they serve. The number of Council members within a committee in a realm will depend on the number of members in that realm.*

The rest of the members are, if the committee of a realm decides it is necessary, divided up into three Divisions (Knowledge, Peace, and Courage). If it is decided a special position is needed within the guild, such as a Division Leader, an Ambassador to another guild, or additional Assistant Leaders, it may be selected from existing Council members or members outside of the Council. The duties and responsibilities associated with these special positions will be decided by the Council.

Division of Knowledge Division of Knowledge: Members of the DoK will be the scouts and scribes of the Eternal Flame. They will be responsible for gathering information and exploring the lands of the realms in which members of the guild participate and making that information available to everyone. The DoK will keep records of events that happen, such as meeting logs, and they will also work on many projects that will be made available online such as the Album, Atlas information or Library material(in and out of game).

Division of Peace Division of Peace: Members of the DoP will be responsible for diplomacy work (alliances, wars, kind of just getting to know the guilds around us). They will also be the merchants of EF, the collectors of items, and the healers during wartime. DoP will also work with "newbies", helping familiarize them with the realms in which the guild participates and possibly inviting them to become applicants for membership in the Eternal Flame.

Division of Courage Division of Courage: Members of the DoC are responsible for protecting the guild and its property when necessary and for keeping high guild morale by organizing events and guild activities. DoC will function as the guild military in those realms where it is appropriate. The members of this division will make training in battle tactics available to all Eternal Flame members. The DoC will also help organize major events for the guild and assist events organized by other members of the guild.